Behind the Mask To save her twin sister she must switch places with herWhen her long lost sister a prostitute is won in a card game by a brutal drug cartel Zelda knows what she has to do take her place Save her Focu

  • Title: Behind the Mask
  • Author: Carolyn Crane
  • ISBN: 9780988313163
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • To save her twin sister she must switch places with herWhen her long lost sister a prostitute is won in a card game by a brutal drug cartel, Zelda knows what she has to do take her place Save her Focus on infiltrating the shadowy group on behalf of the Associates, and try not to think about why she left the spying game years ago She s slept with dangerous criminalsTo save her twin sister she must switch places with herWhen her long lost sister a prostitute is won in a card game by a brutal drug cartel, Zelda knows what she has to do take her place Save her Focus on infiltrating the shadowy group on behalf of the Associates, and try not to think about why she left the spying game years ago She s slept with dangerous criminals before she can do it again Hugo Martinez is one of South America s most lethal and wanted men, a legendary mercenary living on a windswept mountain Even at the height of the war he wasn t in the habit of taking women captive, but the American whore has seen his face And he and the orphan boy need a cook He shouldn t want this woman, but there s something so unusual about her Little by little, Zelda finds herself falling for her captor but is he the killer she s been hunting all these years

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      160 Carolyn Crane
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    One thought on “Behind the Mask”

    1. 4.5 'Say more' starsThis is my 7th Carolyn Crane books. I can hardly believe myself, after all these years I'm still stalking her release like a crazy fan. As for Behind the Mask, the #4 of The Associates series, this book can work as a standalone. I read #1 and #2 and miss out #3. It had been so long and I hardly remember much of what went down. But once I started on this, I'm totally immersed into Zelda and Hugo's story. Zelda, 38, an experienced field agent, ex-CIA and co-leader of the Associ [...]

    2. 4.5 starsI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.Pack your bags because you're about to kiss Kansas goodbye…If you have been following along with this series you know all about Zelda and Dax (this particular book would actually work as a standalone if you started here, you just wouldn't start off with a strong foundation for how Zelda and Dax run the show). They are the leaders of the shady covert good guys (can get a bit subjective at times [...]

    3. My rating on this book is more a reflection of the series than just the book. I probably would've enjoyed them all more, including this, if I'd read them with months in between, but I didn't. I hate the sexist double standards, which became more and more apparent as I read, and that's too bad because I really rather like Carolyn Crane's writing. That's the reason I was able to continue with the series as I did, despite the sexism I saw throughout the series. I also rather liked Hugo and thought [...]

    4. I love, love, love this action-packed romantic suspense series. This one is a little darker and I liked it a lot.Zelda is a former CIA agent who now helps run The Associates, another secret organization who takes down bad guys. When she learns her identical twin sister (who is involved in drugs and prostitution) is going to be loaned to a cartel group, Zelda decides it’s time to re-enter the field as an agent and pose as her sister. Six years ago, she was captured and tortured and broke – gi [...]

    5. ARC Review. This review originally posted at Love Affair with an E-ReaderBehind the Mask is a rich, complicated story with Carolyn Crane’s most memorable characters yet. Mind you, this is the author who brought us a heroine whose strength is based on her hypochondria (Justine Jones, Mind Games) and a man whose super power is linguistics (Peter Macmillan, Off the Edge). This story is a study in contrasts. It is earthy and fanciful, primal and elegant, and raw and sophisticated. Earthy – Savin [...]

    6. I didn't love this as much as the other 3 books. I loved the first 40% of the story where Zelda was made as tool to get cartel's secret informations. She was later on traded to another bad guys. It was intense and brilliant. I was ecstatic. But it went flat after that. Things just ran too easy and smoothly. I expected more twist of sorts in the whole entanglement with the coca lord. My world wasn't rocked much, so 4STARs only. And Thorne (of book #3) is still my mostest favorite Associate.

    7. As a former CIA agent and co-founder of The Associates, Zelda knows she has no choice but to step in on behalf of her twin sister Liza, who is going to be “loaned to” a Mexican drug cartel for the weekend. Although she hasn’t been undercover in six years, since the mission that broke her, she understands that getting into Brujos' territory would save countless lives. However, when things go horribly wrong and Zelda is further traded to the dangerous El Gorrion cartel, she realizes that she [...]

    8. Zelda hasn’t been an active agent for years – ever since she broke under torture, resulting in the agent she was working with being killed. But, with her twin sister in danger Zelda once again enters the field, posing as her twin to fool a drug lord. But the destruction of a small village and the re-emergence of a legendary mercenary, Kabakas, Zelda’s mission takes a turn…especially when she starts to fall for the savage and beautiful man behind the legend.I always look forward to a Caro [...]

    9. This suspenseful, nail biting, romantic thriller is the story of Zelda and Hugo. Zelda is a partner in the shadowy Association group that deals behind the scenes in places even the CIA won't go. When she goes undercover to help her prostitute twin sister Liza, she's both excited and terrified to be back in the field again. But it seems pretty cut and dried - replace her sister in the trade her drug dealing boyfriend made when he lost her in a bet to a Mexican drug lord, get some inside secrets o [...]

    10. Behind the Mask by Carolyn Crane is a 2015 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I confess this is my first book by this author but it will certainly not be my last! This dark, and I do mean dark, romantic suspense novel centers around, Zelda, a woman once involved in the spy game with the CIA but is now a member of a smaller, more focused group - “The Associates”, but is botanist at heart. She is haunted by horrible mistake she made once that is s [...]

    11. Interesting story, good RS. This particular story reminded me of Anne Stuart and her gamma bad boys. Nice to see calm, collected, 'Big Boss' Zelda back in the field. With this series, Crane pulls no punches about the kinds of things an undercover operative (Associate) really has to do to get the job done. This is not the book/series for those who like fluffy, romance-heavy RS; or for those who just don't 'get' Carolyn Crane. Lots of action here, and a little on the darker, edgier side.Behind the [...]

    12. 3.5-4 starsIf I had to ever categorize this series, I would call it edgy and different. These books are raw, the romance too is not all roses and lilies but for some reason they work for me. The hero in this one is quite atypical, he's crass, rude, violent but also has a soft heart and the the heroine too is no shrinking violet. She was a field operative with the CIA and has done and seen things. You know, her books have some shades of Anne Stuart (I couldn't get into her Ice books) but tamer. A [...]

    13. Really good compared to both other RS books I read and her own books of this series. I can't say I overwhelmed tough. Nor that I'm interested in any other story, particularly Dax. I felt the resolution was weak. Plus, I stopped reading for a couple of days, and realised I wasn't that interested in picking it up again.

    14. There are some good reviews for this book and I respect these but I just don't find it memorable. I'll give it 2 stars because at least I finished it, (more than I can say for some books) which is about the best I can say about this. The story I found stupid and poorly developed. Sorry just not for me.

    15. Behind the Mask is an exceptionally powerful book. Both the adventure and the romance were believable and the hero and heroine, Hugo and Zelda, were both just as damaged as I like my characters. But it's also an exceedingly dark book, and in the end, just too dark for me.And darkness is unquestionably the intent. I don't want to make it sound like this book was in any way unsuccessful--I've given it five stars because it deserves it. The quality is absolutely not an issue. Crane is a master and [...]

    16. The Associates isn't a series you read to be entertained or to escape reality and it isn't a comfortable read either. It's dark and gritty and there are a lot of dimensions of gray in the characters and their actions. It's also really well written (Although I wasn't that fond of book 3). The characters are well developed and extremely complex. This book centers around Hugo a retired and infamous assassin/mercenary knows as Kabakas and Zelda one of the co-founders of The Associates. Although it c [...]

    17. Carolyn Crane has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Gritty and quirky. Impeccable research totally flawed and compelling characters. I will read anything she writes

    18. First reviewed at Red Hot Books redhotbooks/2015/06/reviewHave I mentioned that I love this romantic suspense series? Carolyn Crane writes quirky and intelligent characters that I just find fascinating. The last book in the series, Into the Shadows, was on my 2014 favorites list so, of course, I was all grabby hands when the advance copy for this book landed in my inbox. It’s dark, moody and filled with tension and I was immediately pulled in. This can be read as a standalone but the reader wi [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsThese series is so good! Hugo and Zelda were so special separately and together, even more so. I need more books on the rest of the Associates - Rio and Dax at least!Full review:This is the fourth book in the Associate series of romantic suspense stories and I have read and enjoyed all of them though I haven't reviewed them on the blog. Most of the things that I can say about this latest installment holds true for the previous books as well.This book, like the rest in the series, can be [...]

    20. I have a problem with Carolyn Crane's books. I try to read them slow, to savor and enjoy them. I try so hard because when I've finished I'm sad because it's over and I'll have to wait for a new one! I gave it a good shot this time, but . . . well . . . I guess I'll try again with her next book.Anyway, I won't do a rehash of the synopsis, you can find that yourself. I will tell you why you need to read this book. The plot is enthralling, intense and very fast-paced. It is a bit dark (although aft [...]

    21. I think the best thing about this one was watching Hugo and Zelda re-evaluating their lives. You could tell that both wanted something more, but were too scared to hope for more, but when it was in reach they yearned for it. Both had to confront bad things that happened in the past in their minds, then take a leap of faith and trust the other. The ending made me smile, happy that Hugo and Zelda have what they so wanted.

    22. Zelda and HugoThis was Zelda's story. She is the co-ruler, per se, of The Associates. While her part in the suspense was good, I felt she was overshadowed by Dax and Hugo. They were two completely alpha, screwed up men. I loved them. CC can sure write intense and sexy.

    23. Originally posted at The Book Nympho       Carolyn Crane keeps toping each book with the next! I have a new favorite in the Associates series and it's Behind the Mask.One thing I really love about this series is that each book could be read as a stand alone. There's not an over all building plot to the series and each book as a different couple. So far there's not be any cameos from pervious couples but there are some the single Associate men can be found in all the books. Why is Behind th [...]

    24. I anticipated the newest release in Carolyn Crane's The Associates series with both trepidation and glee. How could the new book possibly live up to the previous three books? I'm pleased to say it does and then some.We've been introduced to heroine Zelda, one of the mysterious leaders of the Associates, a shadowy private organization which operates much like the CIA, in the prior books. Little has been revealed about her up to this point in the series. Behind the Mask opens with Zelda preparing [...]

    25. 3.5 I have mixed feelings about this one. Our hero, Hugo, is an ex-killer-for-hire, the bastard son of a wealthy Bolivian and his (married) maid. He'd developed a cult following for his larger-than-life super-mercenary killing by knife during the civil war in the make-believe country of Valencia, but retired after someone conducted a massacre of innocent women and children under his name. But when a local drug kingpin tries to take over the village where he's made his home in order to grow coca [...]

    26. ORIGINAL POST AT: http:ramblingsfromthischickspo When I saw all the fantastic reviews for “Behind the Mask” by Carolyn Crane I could not get my hands on it fast enough. I was so excited about this story. I loved the diversity of the characters and the suspense plot. Although I read a lot of romance I usually don’t read a lot of suspense because I find that usually either the suspense falls short or the romance does. That is my humble opinion. Regardless I was eager to read Carolyn Crane be [...]

    27. Originally posted at For What It's Worth on 10/13/15 - fwiwreviews/2015/10/miIt took me a little while to find my groove with this book. I kept setting it aside. Zelda, an Associates agent, while on and undercover mission to save her sister, keeps bringing up the “Friar Hovde” incident and “Kabakas” I know it was meant to refer to traumatic and pivotal moments in Zelda’s past but to me –I got frustrated. Whenever an author doesn’t tell me what the incident is – for most of the bo [...]

    28. The second book this week where a woman saves her sister. But then Zelda used to be a spy and is now part of this shadowy organization. She has the skills. While her druggie luxury prostitute sis would not stand a chance. Still, that is a big thing to do. Go in her place, knowing the drug lord can do whatever he wants with you.So Zelda was cool. Brave, resourceful, independent, but with some scars so that is why she quit the spy game. And now everything goes wrong and she ends up with a mysterio [...]

    29. Humans were animals, and it didn't take much to spark terror in them. Terror was something between a taste and a feeling in the blood—when you were on the giving end of it, anyway. When you were on the receiving end, it was a form of madness.For people who thought Thorne was fucked up, wait till you meet Hugo. That said, he is fantastic, and so is Zelda. Their story was great. Where Into the Shadows stumbled a bit when it came to the emotional connection between the protagonists, Behind the Ma [...]

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