Let Me Go My name is Rob Winters aka Jackass Even to my closest friends I wasn t always so arrogant and condescending It only took one night to change me one point twenty seven seconds to be exact When trage

  • Title: Let Me Go
  • Author: MichelleLynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Rob Winters, aka, Jackass Even to my closest friends I wasn t always so arrogant and condescending It only took one night to change me one point twenty seven seconds, to be exact When tragedy struck, I promised myself, no matter what, unbreakable chains would lock my heart If one veers too close or digs too deep, the cruel and mean bastard many hate is unleMy name is Rob Winters, aka, Jackass Even to my closest friends I wasn t always so arrogant and condescending It only took one night to change me one point twenty seven seconds, to be exact When tragedy struck, I promised myself, no matter what, unbreakable chains would lock my heart If one veers too close or digs too deep, the cruel and mean bastard many hate is unleashed My plan has succeeded for the past seven years I ve driven away a girlfriend and killed a few friendships along the way Then, just when the chains loosen around my heart, she walks into my life or worse, the room next door She strolls into my house with her bouncy brown curls and banging body, slithering herself through the smallest opening and making me crave the one thing I ve denied myself these past years Her smell, her eyes, and her caring nature are everything I m not worthy of enjoying How long do I have to struggle with the demons that haunt me every night before the torture ends Forever, I remind myself, but the links protecting my heart break each time Paige Kensington enters the room.

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    One thought on “Let Me Go”

    1. SPOILERS***SPOILERSFAVOURITE QUOTE:“Her nose sniffs me like a dog to its owner and I wish having her in my arms didn’t remind me of all those good times. Didn’t force memories of her body in my hands and her hair tickling my skin. The harder I try to forget, the more recollections occur.”About 91% into their story.The hero's thoughts.About the other woman.His first love.Who he has struggled to move on from.For the past SEVEN years.2ND FAVOURITE QUOTE:“you’ve haunted my memory for a l [...]

    2. Of all the characters in The Invisibles, Rob Winters has always been the mysterious guy in the background and because of that, I was super excited when I saw his story was going to be told!!! He's living with a mistake he made years ago and no matter how hard he tries to forget, forgive and move on, it hangs onto him. One of the few things that numbs the pain of it is losing himself in faceless woman but that is about to change with the entrance of his new roommate, Paige.All Paige wants to do i [...]

    3. Some reviewers felt like the H did not fall for the h quickly enough, and had feelings for OW at the same time. Yes and no. I never felt the h came in second. I felt like the H struggled with his past. Not because he felt like he still loves the OW, but because he felt abandoned and he felt like a killer.This was one of the best h's I've read in a bit. She had her own issues but felt such a connection that she couldn't let go.The push pull here is intense. If that's not for you, then this isn't [...]

    4. I am sad to see this series end. I have grown to love men and woman of The Invisibles. Rob has never been one of my favorite characters. If I were to be honest, he was my least favorite. He had a foul attitude and a boulder on his shoulder. I won’t even say chip. His negative attitude and the way be mistreated people was draining at times. BUT. And I say a HUGE BUT…… he was able to steal my heart in Let Me Go.Rob deflects his real feelings with his flirtatious and crude manors. Deep down, [...]

    5. Check out this review and others atTWinsietalkFacebook/TwinsietalkTwitter/TwinsietalkTsu/TwinsietalkLet Me Go by Michelle LynnI received this book from the author for an honest review.HOLY CRAP!! I can’t believe this!! Michelle made me LIKE ROB!! Yes folks I. LIKE. HIM!! I was totally #TeamGrantandJessa so I hated hated hated Rob. He was a mega DB and player who only cared about who was making happy time in his bed. He really didn’t care about anyone. In Dex and Chrissy’s book we saw a lit [...]

    6. Even bad boys need their happy endings, and Michelle Lynn made sure Rob Winters got it in this wonderful love story that will make and break hearts.Everyone who has read this series knew who Rob Winters is. I hated him until book number 4. He was an a**, sometimes I wished him ill, and he really didn’t deserve a happy ending, until Chrissy’s story, where he did something that no one had expect him to do.Is he set to redeem himself in front of the reader’s eyes? Or will he continue to build [...]

    7. Honestly cannot say enough about this author !! She has become one that anytime I see her name in email I am signing on for her and loving the story, be it part of this series or not !! Ironically my first Michelle Lynn book I got for free on kindle , the Basso Brothers.ch a great read. I have been sucked in and fallen in love with her characters ever since. As always with series like this I enjoy seeing how the past characters are and how certain aspects of their stories have allowed for new st [...]

    8. I have been a fan of this series from the beginning.I loved all the characters, but I was hoping to know more about Rob and I am so glad we got his story!! He always had me wondering why he was such an ass at times, so I knew there was something there for us to find out. We started to see the nicer side of him in Chrissy and Dex's story. Let me tell you, Michelle did not disappoint! Paige is someone who moves into the house with Rob, Chrissy and Dex and from the beginning there is an attraction [...]

    9. I recieved this for an honest review There are a ton of things I could say about this book and a ton of thing I want to say about this book (But wont because of spoilers) I will say this WOW!!! When reading the other books I honestly didnt know if I wanted Robs story and now I am so glad that I got it. This was a wonderful story of bad boy misunderstood!! I just fell in love with this story and these characters!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    10. If you have followed this series, it is only safe to say tou dislike Rob. Well his cockiness didn't change only the story. Michelle delivered her best work yet and I excited to say "I knew Rob when". Enjoy the story Rob and Paige and let your heart and mind take you on a soulful journey with tears, laughter, and truths. Just know your will not be the same after chapter 22.

    11. Great book loved the way we seen the real Rob slowly appear as he struggled to come to terms with his past, will be sorry to see this series come to an end. If you look for a summer read for holiday look no further than Michelle lynn every book of hers is great and this is no exception.

    12. I LOVE ROB!!!!! I hated him in the series prior to reading his story, but I can't get enough of him now lol!!!

    13. ★✩★✩★ 5 – In Desperate Need of Healing – Stars~this review may contain minor spoilers~“Guy's like you don't change. Do me a favor and ignore me. Don't knock on my door, don't say good morning, and if I'm in the living room just keep walking.”“If I'd known you wanted to fuck me, Paige, I would have arranged it.”“Fuck you, Rob. It wasn't about fucking you, it was about friendship, but you are incapable of anyone knowing the true you.”Ron Winters is an asshole, to everyone [...]

    14. Rob's book is the one I've been waiting for because I wanted to see how Michelle Lynn redeemed himhe's garnered a lot of reader hate for his actions throughout the series, but in Can't Let Go, we start to see a chink in his asshole armor's not much, but it's still there in his interactions with Chrissy, and Michelle continues to unearth Rob's true nature - the man behind the defense mechanismshind the persona of asshole manwhore that he's perfected. And this unveiling comes at the hands of Rob's [...]

    15. I must admit, I have never been a fan of Rob, but was excited to read his story and see why Rob is the way he is. Michelle Lynn did an amazing job of getting me to love the man I despised throughout this entire series!Rob is instantly attracted to his new roommate Paige, but has promised Chrissy and Dex (but really Chrissy) that he would not try anything with her. Rob goes hot and cold with Paige, flirty to indifferent, friend to wanting more, speaking to not speaking. Its like whip lash most of [...]

    16. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickLet Me Go is the fifth book in Michelle Lynn's The Invisibles Series, and centers around Rob and Paige. Each book can be read as a standalone, but I would suggest reading these in order if you can for full enjoyment. I really like the characters in this series. They aren't perfect, but they are so real and I like that it is easy to relate to them. They each make mistakes, but it is their flaws that make them who they are.Rob Winters is the bad [...]

    17. ✯✯5 Healing Stars!!✯✯There is a reason why when people ask me who's books to read next, Michelle Lynn isALWAYSin my top 5ALWAYS!!! I went from readingDon't Let Gobook 1 in this series thinking Rob was an asshole.Then, cameLet Me Inand I hated him with a passion. I thought there was no hope for him. But, thenCan't Let Gocame and I started to see that maybe there was hope for Rob after all. Now!! Rob & Trey are my #1 guys of this series. Nobody but Michelle can do that.Rob is known as [...]

    18. I received a copy of this book for an honest review. I was never a big fan of Robs but I started to see a new side to him while reading my favorite guy Dex story and now Rob runs a close second to my Dex. Paige is witty and I loved the playful banter between Rob and her. Paige is the forth roommate and Rob is told hands off but the question is can he keep his promise. Robs past keeps him from getting close to anyone and opening his heart to anyone. He sabotages every relationship he is in. Neith [...]

    19. „She’s captured me and I don’t want to be thrown back.”I would say I felt the same way about Let Me Go, as Rob about Paige. I’ve been waiting for Rob’s story for so long, and it did not disappoint! I am a bit sad that no more single Invisibles left, so it made my day, when I’ve seen that I don’t have to say goodbye to them yet, because we’ll get a novella, Love Me Always in the fall! Michelle, you rock!I’ve read the whole book in one day, because I couldn’t put it down. I l [...]

    20. I loved Rob! From the beginning I knew therewas something that I loved about him and this story just proved that! Sure he comes across as a badass but everyone has a past and Paige was the girl to make him want to be better! The banter between these two characters was off the charts and I loved how Paige was there when Rob finally let down his guard. If you looking for feel good book with a HEA is book is for you! Cant wait to read the rest of the series!

    21. This story had me sucked in from the very beginning. The chemistry between Rob and Paige was so evident and extremely fun to watch unfold. They both have their own deep reasons why they can't do a romantic relationship but both can't deny to themselves what the other slowly becomes to mean to them. As they navigate around their growing friendship, you see them both struggle with their growing feelings for each other while fighting their own demons and insecurities. They both have issues that nee [...]

    22. I have read EVERYTHING that Michelle has written, solo or collaboration, and LOVED every read. I have also been a "Brady Girl" since the introduction of "The Invisibles". But I gotta tell ya Michelle has outdone herself with this storye story of a man who we thought was the incurable "douche" of this series, Rob BUTMy, oh my, oh myWith Rob's new found maturity and growth he has endured himself within my heart.(Rob) "For some reason though, with Paige, I give a s*** what she thinks of me."ROBways [...]

    23. This is book 5 in the Invisibles series. I love this series and gave it 5 stars. This is Rob's story There is so much more to this man then meets the eye. He has been through so much and has had so much tragedy n his life like no other. He can't seem to move on and forgive himself for it all. He moves on from girl to girl and tries to get lost in the mundane of it all. That is until Paige enters his life and from that moment on neither Rob or Paige are ever going to be the same. They both see ea [...]

    24. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review:Ugh I HATE to see this series end! If you haven't checked out The Invisibles Series, then you need to start at the beginning. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but you'd be missing some great reads by Michelle Lynn. Let Me Go was an absolutely phenomenal book that I could not put down until the very end. This book sucked me right into the story of Rob and Paige. Theirs is a messy story filled with ghosts of the past and fears of the future [...]

    25. I have absolutely loved this series from the beginning, and hate that it’s coming to an end. It’s been amazing watching the transformation of these characters, and Michelle has definitely saved the biggest transformation for last.Rob was so hard to like in the previous books. He’s cocky and self-centered, and makes no apologizes for the fact that he only cares about himself. He tries to push everyone away with his attitude, including his best friends/bandmates. We finally get to see in Let [...]

    26. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Let Me Go is Rob's story and book 5 in The Invisibles series. This is a standalone, but I highly suggest reading the previous books as characters and their stories are mentioned. Plus they are great books. Let Me Go is about Rob and Paige, who is the new roommate of Rob, Dex, and Chrissy. In the previous books, I did not care for Rob as he was a jerk and treated girls (especially his ex-girlfriend Jessa) like crap. He had his rea [...]

    27. This is the fifth book in this series. I feel that you could read each book as a stand alone, but you know more about the secondary characters if you have read the other books. This one is about Rob, whom we all loved to hate in the other books, and Paige. I will openly admit that I did not like Rob in the previous books. After reading this book, we understand why he was such a butt. He invented a new persona that didn't match who he really was in order to escape his past. Paige is the new roomm [...]

    28. Yet another amazing book by Michelle Lynn ,,, loved her work from the first piece right to this one her latest in the invisibles series ,,, they just keep coming and enticing me ,,, when I start I just can't put it down and this one is no different ,,,Finally we have Robs story ,,, this dude is like a savaloy ,,, a bag of mystery ,,, he is tough, he is mean, and he breaks hearts ,,, but why? What happened that made him behave this way? ,,,, does he have another half that can make him whole? Paig [...]

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