Double Cup Love In the follow up to his bestselling coming of age memoir Fresh Off the Boat now a hit show on ABC celebrity chef Eddie Huang tells a powerful story about love and family and what really makes us who

  • Title: Double Cup Love
  • Author: Eddie Huang
  • ISBN: 9780812995466
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the follow up to his bestselling coming of age memoir Fresh Off the Boat, now a hit show on ABC, celebrity chef Eddie Huang tells a powerful story about love and family and what really makes us who we are After growing up in a wild first generation immigrant family in the comically hostile world of suburban America, Huang begins to wonder just how authentic his ChineseIn the follow up to his bestselling coming of age memoir Fresh Off the Boat, now a hit show on ABC, celebrity chef Eddie Huang tells a powerful story about love and family and what really makes us who we are After growing up in a wild first generation immigrant family in the comically hostile world of suburban America, Huang begins to wonder just how authentic his Chinese identity really is So he enlists his brothers Emery and Evan and returns to the country his ancestors abandoned His immediate goal is to sample China s best food and see if his cooking measures up to local tastes but his deeper goals are to reconnect with his homeland, repair his frayed family relationships, decide whether to marry his all American well, all Italian American girlfriend, and figure out just where to find meaning in his life.

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    One thought on “Double Cup Love”

    1. As someone who reads usually several books a week, this book took me a whopping 20 days to inch through. Given, I was pretty busy so it's not entirely the books faultbut a fair bit of it actually was. I'm a big fan of Eddie Huang and have enjoyed the stuff he has produced in the past, even Fresh Off The Boat which I'm realizing is maybe not the most accurate portrayal, but a fantastic TV show nonetheless. So with this next statement I'm going to sum up what is both fantastic about Eddie and what [...]

    2. With Eddie Huang's books, I recommend listening to the audiobook version. I love the way he laughs. There are a lot of cultural references and he talks fast sometimes but then he gets reflective and emotional. Don't let his poop humor and "bad boy" image fool you. He has a lot of interesting things to say about race, culture, and identity. Especially if you're a child of immigrant parents. But even if you aren't, you get a unique perspective and I always think it's important to read/listen/talk [...]

    3. I don't know how or why this book made me happy, but it did and maybe on a second reading I'll come up with a more nuanced review. I'm just basking in the book's afterglow. Or maybe the third time, who knows?! This book will always be on my shelf.

    4. His first memoir, "Fresh Off the Boat," is definitely better. This memoir lacks focus. I will say that I always enjoy Huang's voice -- he's one of a kind.

    5. Full disclosure: I won a copy of this book in a giveaway. I would gladly have paid full price for it though. It's that good.I can't recall where--the Daily Show, maybe?--I saw an interview with Huang when he was promoting this book. I'd never heard of him before, but he seemed like a fun guy, and years spent watching Iron Chef has left me with an appreciation for people who cook for a living. So I made a mental note of his name, vowing to read one or both of his books someday. Browsing the give [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars. I didn't know what to expect from this book but it was so good. It was hip hop, witty, laugh out loud funny. I teared up a bit from some lines because it does talk about heartbreak but in all the ways life can break your heart: a lover, small talk, a sibling. Pop culture book but in the way hip hop has become pop culture. As a minority, I appreciated the way he wrote about otherness and acceptance. Just a funny book and the food references - anyone can appreciate.

    7. Wow! I loved this book more than the first. Eddie's pilgrimage to the motherland resonated on so many level esp. as a child of immigrants myself. Will highly recommend this to my friends.

    8. Disclaimer: I received this book as part of the Giveaway program.Sigh. I would love to write that, having read Huang’s first book, I was able to get past the constant hip-hop references in his second. However, this boomer reader has absolutely no context in which to place the slang and phrases that pass for conversation among Huang and his brothers and friends. Even the extensive footnote translations were difficult to follow.“Double Cup Love” reverses the narrative thread of “Fresh Off [...]

    9. While I did not love every page of this book (a bit too much slang and parentheticals/footnotes explaining pop culture references) that were disruptive to a smooth read, there was a lot to appreciate as well in Huang's second memoir of his experience as a Taiwanese-American who had found fame through food and his TV series based on the first book, Fresh Off the Boat. His quest is really interesting in this book--to cook the Chinese-inspired food that he serves in the US at his restaurant and wit [...]

    10. I loved the first book because the subject matter was relevant, the experiences hit close to home, and the NY rap references were abundant. So I started this book a little hesitant because the first two chapters kind of lacked the first two for me - it had Eddie's signature style but seemed to lack depth.But keep on reading. Eddie visits China and explores identity, family, humanity, and food in a way that's even more fulfilling than in Fresh Off the Boat. As Double Cup Love mainly focuses on re [...]

    11. I love me some Eddie Huang. I've been a fan of his since Baohaus was on Rivington St. on the Lower East SIde. If all you know about Eddie is the tv show, "Fresh Off the Boat", this book is not for you. Don't get me wrong, I love that show but that's not the real Huang family on tv. That's watered down and cutesy family. "Double Cup Love" is the real Eddie Huang. This is a continuation of the real deal - the guy that hustled in NY, the hip hop loving, weed smoking, foul mouthed genius chef. In th [...]

    12. In case it hasn't been made clear already, Eddie Huang isn't for everyone. He's really not. After reading Double Cup Love, though, I'm appreciating that fact more than ever. This book isn't nearly as long or as thematically booming as FOB; in fact, hardly anything happens within the confines of his actual trip to China, and the only aspect I didn't care for was the contrived "storyline" inserted amongst hilarious memories and sharp social critiques. DCL isn't about the action, and now that Huang [...]

    13. Wonderfully written and unexpectedly profound. As a fan of his show, Huang's World on Viceland, Eddie has provided a further glimpse into his life and has detailed an intimate portrait of love, family, food and cultural identity. His personality shines through his prose with hip hop references all through out the book alongside some of his more philosophical ideas. I found myself looking into my own mind about any negative preconceptions I've had of Chinese culture and reassessing my own thought [...]

    14. This book is best on the audiobook format. I liked this book so much better than Fresh Off the Boat and maybe I just like the audiobook format that much better. So I'm going to download Fresh Off the Boat on audible and see if I like it better.

    15. First book was better, but it was a cool look at the experience of going back to the motherland. Always nice to see race and immigration outside of the black/latino lens. Very easy read.

    16. I enjoyed this book although I wish there was more cooking . I felt a bit lost reading his NYC hip-hop hipster references, but at least he provided footnotes :)

    17. I like Huang's humor, but sometimes the whole culturally appropriated hip-hop voice feels inauthentic, which then becomes grating.

    18. A meaningful book. As a biracial kid, always getting this message of too much "culture" and not enough, belonging nowhere/everywhere. This question of "Where is home?" and "Will they ever accept me?" and "If acceptance came, would I know it? And would it be a relief?" with all the nuances that a word like "acceptance" carries. Fear. Vulnerability. Nobody holds onto "home" harder than those who fear it can be taken away or broken with a word. I appreciated the honesty and willingness of this book [...]

    19. I liked the language Eddie uses in this book. I didn't read his first book, but I imagine it's similar in the way his voice comes out at you. He writes like he speaks and in the vernacular and slang of the day. This is unique and I haven't read a book like this in a long time.I enjoyed his philosophies on life and being Chinese American living in NYC and mixing with the culture and people in that city. It's great that his voice is being heard. He brings important cultural issues to the forefront [...]

    20. This book is the surprise of the year for me. I don't think the cover, book flap, or even other reviews prepare you for the experience you get when you read Double Cup Love. Huang is one of the most charismatic narrators you'll ever read. I knew nothing of his work, I don't watch Fresh off the Boat, and I have never really followed his exploits in food and media. However, after reading the first few chapters of this highly enjoyable memoir, I had a great impression of Huang. His New Yorker perso [...]

    21. I received this book as part of a Giveaway which I was super excited about. I'm a fan of Eddie Huang from his show on Vice to his first book "Fresh Off the Boat". I thought his first book did a really good job as a memoir of giving insight into the kind of person Huang is and his unique perspective and outlook on life which was put into the context of his childhood as a child of immigrants. When I saw the description of "Double Cup Love" I was definitely intrigued because there was little to no [...]

    22. A real culture preservationist, so inspirational!Being American Indian I understand his want for his boo & future family to want to be Chinese. Unfortunately for us American Indians our status is also associated with a tribal role number linked to a fucking blood quantum. so for me with the immediate future looking as though my kids won't have their rightful role number because they'd be lacking the minimum blood quantum I find myself pondering what makes me NDN anyway? Is it teachable? If s [...]

    23. I loved the stories of identity, and discovering himself. He has enough humor and wit to incorporate a lot of hip hop cultural references without coming off corny. When he speaks about race and identity, he is flawless. Huang seems to drift a lot in his story telling, going from one anecdote, to another in capricious fashion. I would be engaged in a story about him speaking about Dena, then next thing I know we are stir frying red duck in a Chinese brothel. Great book, when he talks about substa [...]

    24. I found Eddie Huang's book, Double Cup Love, hysterical. Right off the bat he establishes himself as a loud, pseudo gangster with a big personality and an even bigger ego. Essentially, he's ridiculous but begs to be taken seriously. Typically this type of narration would irritate me. But for Huang - it works because it's his voice that really shines through this memoir and makes it entertaining. Huang's work is not for everyone through. While I generally found his crass and crude remarks and con [...]

    25. I saw Eddie Huang speak for his book launch in SF and it was incredible and totally sold me on both his books- but wanting to read this one first after his, 'love is the best game in town' line. Unfortunately this book was more an ode to his brothers and a trip they took to connect with their culture but not in a broad sense. It was the kind of thing that's probably really cool for his brothers to read, but if you weren't there a lot is lost.Wished there'd been more of the insightful banter on r [...]

    26. I received this ARC from a giveaway. I loved getting to read it before it is released. Be prepared to be hungry while reading about all of the amazing and interesting food Eddie eats and cooks during his trip. It was awesome to travel to China with Eddie and his brothers Emery and Evan. The ending is sorta sad. Overall, the book is really great. I highly recommend it.

    27. If you're a first generation American, you must read Eddie Huang. I always enjoy his basketball references, weird metaphors and vernacular style but I wish I understood more of the hip hop references. This is a boiled down version of his writing I appreciate but be forewarned this book is more about texture and flavor, not plot. If you're a fan of his shows, this may be a bit boring for you.

    28. p139 "The best massage I ever received was in Kentin, Taiwan, a beach town with a massage parlor set up like Katz's Deli." Too much lingo, but funny. Love the descriptions of everything food related.

    29. I really enjoyed it.I really appreciated his thoughtfulness and honesty with his family and his internal struggles. A real book, and if you liked Fresh you will enjoy this even more.

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