The Dogs Out of the corner of my eye I catch something moving by the barn When I look it disappears Wait There it is again at the cornfield Some movement some thing Mom and I have been on the run for years

  • Title: The Dogs
  • Author: Allan Stratton
  • ISBN: 9781492609384
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Out of the corner of my eye, I catch something moving by the barn.When I look, it disappears Wait There it is again, at the cornfield Some movement, some thing Mom and I have been on the run for years Every time he catches up with us, we move to a new place and start over.But this place is different.This place is full of secrets And they won t leave me alone.

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      450 Allan Stratton
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    One thought on “The Dogs”

    1. melissa413readsalotThis is a great little book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a ghost story that has some creepiness, but is one of those that you feel good about when everything is finally revealed. Cameron and his mom move around a lot. They are always running from Cameron's dad who seems to not be a nice guy. This final move brings them to the old farmhouse that seems like it needs to be demolished by the way Cameron describes it. Needless to say he's not happy at having to leave his frien [...]

    2. Mom and I have been on the run for years. Every time he catches up with us, we move to a new place and start over.But this place is different.This place is full of secrets. And they won't leave me alone. Cameron and his mother have moved four times in five years. His mother has kept them on the run, hiding from his father whom she says is hunting them. Cameron was only 9 when he last saw his father and he wonders if his mother is telling the truth about his father or if she's just crazy. After s [...]

    3. REVIEW: THE DOGS by ALLAN STRATTONI LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It was spooky, supernatural, down-home, crazy-making, twisted, and constantly kept me both guessing and on edge with suspense. I really related to Cameron, the adolescent protagonist, who both sees and hears apparitions, which may or may not be real; and who may or may not resemble his crazy or not-crazy dad; and who himself may or may not be (choose one): mentally disturbed, paranoid, a troubled teen. With all that's going on in his life, a [...]

    4. Am crezut ca o sa fie un roman tampitel, gen YA. Nu a fost cazul. Un soi de Southern Gothic reinterpretat modern. Mi-a placut.

    5. I'm always at a bit of a loss when teens or older kids ask me for "scary books." Looking at the trends in YA publishing (dystopia, romance-faux-dystopia, realism with a healthy dose of chronic/fatal illness), it's probably due for another resurgence. I remember books like I Know What You Did Last Summer being really popular when I was in middle school, but in my excessive nerdiness, I was too busy hunting down Wilkie Collins novels instead of reading pop teen lit. I wish I had.I've tried a few " [...]

    6. Wauw. Wat een boek. Ik houd van de mysteries die hierin voorkomen!Volledige review op watermelilian/Bij het lezen van de flaptekst, dacht ik yes, een boek vol mysterieus en geheimzinnige ontdekkingen. Ik houd ervan als een auteur niet meteen alles weggeeft en dat je als lezer zelf ook nog moet raden hoe het nu eigenlijk zit. Allan Stratton is daar meester in, ik vond de mysteries best wel spannend en kon zelf niet meteen raden hoe het nu meteen zat. Ik dacht eigenlijk vooral net als Cameron: en [...]

    7. What is Cameron and Jackie's mysterygood luck trying to figure it outWant to thank a friend from our book group for sending me this great book and Stephanie who is our group MOD for suggesting this book for us. Thank you both Karen and StephanieThis book is one that I would recommend to anyone that loves reading a different kind of psychological thriller other than what we've been reading in the group. Cameron is a kid that just moved into a new farming town with his mom after a bit of bad luck [...]

    8. Really creepy and well written, just wish it had been longer!I received a copy of this book for review from Netgalley via the publisher. Thank you! THE DOGS was a super creepy read that I guarantee will spook you, especially if you read it at night. What I loved most about this book is how unsettled the story made me feel. I wasn't sure what was real and what was imagined, and I become positively giddy when an author achieves that.  Cameron, the main character and narrator, has had a difficul [...]

    9. Sleeping with the enemymeetsThe Sixth Sense. This book is brilliant, so well written! It could be an awesome movie! Mypage-turner check marks go to ✓writing, ✓premise, ✓characterization and ✓plot.4.3 starsThe dogs has many elements that you may find in other thrillers: the troubled lonely kid, the violent dad, the ghosts, the isolated farm, the old creepy farmer, the bullies at school, the old town stories about murders but somehow Allan makes them fresh and original and creates this gre [...]

    10. This. Book. Was. Perfection. There, I said it. :D it was beautiful! Wonderful plot, great writing, a troubled character i think lots of people can relate to. (Sad, but true.) it's a sad book. Sad and scary and hopeful and mysterious all rolled up in one beautiful story. It kept me guessing until the very very end about what was going to happen next, who did it. And if our main character was actually crazy or not. At times even I had doubts. It's hard to find a great ghost story, but this one rea [...]

    11. This is a good YA mystery and interesting for adults too. The story centers around Cameron, whose mother keeps moving him from place to place, supposedly trying to avoid his father, who she is determined is trying to kill her and possibly Cameron too. This time Cameron ends up at an old farmhouse. Making new friends is difficult for him and his imagination is strong. Is he making friends with a ghost boy or is this just part of his imagination. The neighbor, Mr. Sinclair, who owns the farmhouse [...]

    12. קמרון ואמו נמלטים בפעם הרביעית (או החמישית. מי סופר?) מאביו המתעלל של קמרון. הם מרחיקים לחווה מבודדת באמצע שום מקום, ושוכרים בית עזוב שדייריו הקודמים עזבו אותו בנסיבות מסתוריות. קמרון מגלה שילד שהתגורר בבית לפני עשרות שנים עדיין רודף את הבית ומנסה לספר לו את הסוד הרודף את הבית. [...]

    13. I don't normally like YA, but this novel is truly excellent - realistic and mature, suspenseful and clever. The characters are masterfully done, especially the main character, Cameron, who sounds like a real boy and not like a smaller adult, as is often the problem in YA novels. The writer is not afraid to touch on very difficult subjects and life experiences, and deals with them in a non-sentimental, direct and even brave way. A very enjoyable read that doesn't insult your intelligence, no matt [...]

    14. Easy to read, suspenseful but unexpectedly dark for a middle grade novel. No wonder my 12 year old had trouble sleeping at night after some of the scenes.

    15. Beware of The Dogs. Allan Stratton’s Teen Psychological thriller is dark, edgy and will leave you with your teeth clenched as the author skillfully blurs the lines between a paranormal phenomenon and possible mental illness. Is Cameron’s past finally catching up with him? Constantly moving to stay one step ahead of her abusive husband, Cameron’s mother has found an isolated old farm house with a sketchy past of its own. Intrigued, Cameron begins seeing things as he digs deeper into the sto [...]

    16. I read a lot of YA and I absolutely love a good paranormal thriller, so The Dogs seemed right up my street! It was an interesting book that I would definitely reccomend, but it does sit on the younger part of the YA scale. Cameron is a young boy who is constantly moving from one small town to another while on the run with his mother. The story follows their move to their newest home, an isolated farmhouse with a dark past. He goes on to explore the house's history, while battling family turmoil [...]

    17. I picked this up because I liked other books by Stratton -- especially Curse of the Dream Witch, which is a great middle grade -- and wanted to see what he could to with what was billed as a psychological thriller. Answer: A LOT.I didn't connect to this initially. Cameron's first person voice was authentic but not terribly interesting to me, personally. I wanted, too, more height from the ambiguity. His mother moves him from place to place because she's afraid of his estranged father. Is that th [...]

    18. Cameron's life have been full of upheaval as his mom moves him frequently to protect him from his father who she says will kill them if he finds them.He is tired of moving and very unenthused at their latest home on a farm in a small community. He is bullied at school and doesn't know what to think when he sees the ghost of a boy named Jacky.The more he learns, the more he suspects long ago crimes and wonders what is real and isn't. As a reader you are not too sure either. The present overlaps w [...]

    19. Les Chiens (éd. Milan) est un excellent thriller psychologique jeunesse, flirtant avec le fantastique. L'auteur joue avec nos émotions et nos certitudes pour nous faire douter de tout, ne nous laissant aucun répit. Les Chiens aborde le dur sujet de la maltraitance des enfants, des relations abusives et de la place des enfants dans un couple qui se déchire. Une brillante double enquête entre le présent et une tragédie similaire ayant eu lieu une cinquantaine d'années auparavant. Vous ne l [...]

    20. Davvero bello. Non capisco perché venga definito thriller per ragazzini, il fatto che il protagonista lo sia non lo rende tale. Per niente. Gli argomenti in background sono decisamente spessi: le violenze domestiche, i contraccolpi psicologici, i confini sottili tra realtà, fantasia e pazzia, l'ultraterreno. Inoltre la narrazione dal punto di vista del bambino e' stilisticamente credibile, anche se gronda della mano adulta che gli sta dietro. Si legge in fretta, molto valido come libro estivo

    21. Połączenie horroru i thrillera wydawało się dość karkołomne, ale wyszło naprawdę dobrze. Zaskakująco dobra powieść o przemocy w rodzinie i zagadce kryminalnej sprzed lat. Warto przeczytać niezależnie od wieku.

    22. Prostie de carte tipica genului young adult.De ce sa fii scriitor cu cititori seriosi, cand poti sa scrii carti superficiale pentru oameni superficiali?

    23. There is something so haunting and lonely about the cover of The Dogs, isn’t there? If a book cover is supposed to embody the soul of the book, providing it’s readers a first impression of the emotion that the story should invoke, than whoever designed this cover really hit the nail on the head. There’s the eeriness of the old house, the sadness of the dead fields… yet there’s a light on in the window, and the sun is shining, which makes it feel almost inviting. It’s a good balance b [...]

    24. Although this was written for a YA audience, it appealed to me and IMO, adults would like this psychological thriller; it's an interesting read, even a good ghost story. It's a "creepy" book throughout, and the location/setting adds to the creepiness: an isolated, run-down farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. It's a book about living in constant fear of what might happen, very chilling, plus the plot, involving a panicked mother with her teenage son Cameron constantly on the move, running from an [...]

    25. I thought this book was amazing! The title didn't grab my attention all that much in the beginning, but the story was just absolutely capturing from start to finish. This book had pretty much everything I'm looking for in a great book, but one thing I will say is this: the author should've made the backstory of the "murder" clearer, but other than that, spot on

    26. Creepy, thoughtful thriller that touches on heavy themes of secrets, abuse, fear and family while keeping the reader sitting tensely on the edge of their seat. No less than what I expect from this talented author.

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