Flash Point This is an ACE for ISBN Flash PointThe first time I saw her I knew I d have to kill her It s been five years since the brutal death of her mother and Katherine Shaw still relives the

  • Title: Flash Point
  • Author: Brooke Blaine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an ACE for ISBN13 9781514862254 Flash PointThe first time I saw her, I knew I d have to kill her.It s been five years since the brutal death of her mother, and Katherine Shaw still relives the nightmares of that night She escaped The danger should ve been over.She couldn t have been wrong When her father, a prominent judge, receives a chilling death threat,This is an ACE for ISBN13 9781514862254 Flash PointThe first time I saw her, I knew I d have to kill her.It s been five years since the brutal death of her mother, and Katherine Shaw still relives the nightmares of that night She escaped The danger should ve been over.She couldn t have been wrong When her father, a prominent judge, receives a chilling death threat, her past comes hurtling into her present.The warning is clear They ve got unfinished business, and they re coming for her.Katherine Shaw.Rich girl Check.Spoiled and obstinate Check.A beautiful fireball who pushes every button he has That was not listed on the dossier Jason Garrett receives when he s assigned as one of her bodyguards The last thing he ever expected was that his tempting client would prove to be dangerous than those he s protecting her from Their attraction would be forbidden even under the best circumstances But as the threat draws near, the tension between the two of them rises, culminating in an explosive flash point that will blindside them both.

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    1. 4 StarsHe'd made a decision tonight. One that would ignite the world around him, but he was willing to scorch it to the ground to get what he wanted.So here's the thing, when it comes to my romantic suspense, I'm one picky girl. It's the first genre that originally got me into reading and I read a lot of it. So suffice it to say it takes quite a bit to impress me. What? I said I was picky. Having had a bit of a taste of Brooke Blaine's awesome in A Desperate Man: Volume 1 that she co-wrote with [...]

    2. Title: Flash PointSeries: StandaloneAuthor: Brooke BlaineRelease date:12th July, 2015Cliffhanger: No HEA:(view spoiler)[Yes(hide spoiler)]As one half of the dynamic duo that brought us The Desperate Man Series, Brooke Blaine is an author that definitely piqued my interest. And if the prospect of reading her solo works was in any doubt, she hits us with a blurb that ensures those doubts are cast away.The story centers on Katherine, a twenty three year old student who is haunted by the horrific mu [...]

    3. 4 STARS Such a great story!!This is the first solo novel I read from Brooke Blaine and I'm really impressed! It has everything I wanted. It was fast-paced, funny,sexy,emotional and suspenseful! I loved their slow character development and their chemistry is scorching hot!What's better than an ex Seal who becomes a bodyguard!!Wow this only makes it hotter!!I liked Jason a lot!!He is mysterious,super hot and a smart ass!! Kathrine is so funny and refreshing!I loved her character a lot even though [...]

    4. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review[image error]AhhhhBROOKE BLAINE if you are reading this review I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!! Yes, I loved loved it!!! Seriously, I practically inhaled this book in one sitting!! No joke. After reading this book, Brooke Blaine, you have officially put yourself on my list of auto-buy authors!!!Flash Point was sexy, intense, thrilling, captivating, suspenseful, and oh so good!!!! Yes, this book had me hooked just from the opening pages and I could [...]

    5. This one is special for me because this author is something else and remember her name because you'll hear A LOT about her for sure.The very FIRST time I read a review on GRs it was one of Brooke's reviews. It was about a book I absolutely loved and I thought her review was even better than the book. I created an account on GRs only to stalk her, no joke and then we became cyber friends.I cannot tell you how happy I am that she published her first solo book (some of you might know her because sh [...]

    6. **4 "slow build-up" starsDon't you just love it when a guy hardly ever talks but oozes sex from every pore of his body?? Well, i do! So, Jason Garrett is practically my soulmate(btw that's me and Jason - aka my soulmate - dancing in the woods)Katherine Shaw has been through a lot in the past five years. She watched her mother being brutally murdered in her own home and she's lived with survivor guild the whole time. Now, her past is catching up with her as there are new threats against her life [...]

    7. Katherine's mom was killed five years ago - and Katherine saw it all happen.Her Dad's an important judge in Atlanta, and to keep her safe, he sent her to live with her aunt in London for a while. But now she's back - at college. Getting a business degree - so not what she wants (Art) and not what her Dad wants either (Law).When new threats against her life are being made, the judge hires a team of bodyguards to guard Katherine's body ☺Enter JASON GARRETTformer Navy SEAL - turned bodyguard.Jaso [...]

    8. It was the first rule in the handbook: “Thou shalt not have fucking relations with a client, current or former”.4 Fun, Romantic Suspense StarsThis is the first solo novel by Brooke Blaine, and I am really impressed! She has given us a book which is suspenseful and intense, with a forbidden romance that is chemistry-filled and passionate (with epic banter and UST), and it’s so freaking funny! I laughed out loud so many times reading this book. It’s an exciting, highly entertaining, fun re [...]

    9. I gave up on this at 6%A few reasonsOn chapter 5 ALREADY Five DIFFERENT prospectivesand written in a third person format which I am not a fan of.

    10. SO GOOD! SO intense! A great, GREAT debut novel full of angst, killer chemistry, intrigue, drama and some of the best--naturally funny banter that you will ever read!I recommend 10 thousand times!!

    11. Flash Point by Brooke Blaine4.5 stars!!“It was the first rule in the handbook: “Thou shalt not have fucking relations with a client, current or former.”Well, where do I start…this book was a romantic suspense, while I have experienced Brooke Blaine’s writing before with The Desperate Man series that she co-authored with Ella Frank, this is Brooke Blaine’s debut novel, written solely and exclusively by herself, however, you would never know by reading it. This book was well though out [...]

    12. LOVED!!Katherine Shaw is sassy, spunky and mouthy. She's also been living in a nightmare for five long years.Jason Garrett is one of her bodyguards. He's professional, stealthy, stoic, delicious and down right sexy!"Forbidden. That was what the hell he smelled like. Something she longed for but could never get her hands on."He's an ex Seal and bodyguard to high profile clientsuntil Miss Shaw. She's nothing but a young college student with a chip on her shoulder or so he thought!This story has it [...]

    13. Cleverly and intelligently written by a new-to-me-author, this book is pure undiluted suspense that leaps off the pages and grips readers for a rip-roaring great read. The sexual tension crackles and sizzles with every emotion shared between our main characters, Jason and Katherine, creating an intense and explosive relationship. This is one complete package of satisfying romantic suspense with enough witty banter and laughter, along with strong and captivating characters. To top the whole sheba [...]

    14. I have to admit I was very disappointed with this book. I expected a great RS with fantastic romance and suspense, and instead the first half of the book read like a NA with an immature heroine who had a moment of total stupidity where she sneaked out of her protected home to go and party, where she was drugged and almost raped. But I did like Jason with his broody demeanour. The second half was a lot better than the first half, and the sexual tension between Katherine and Jason was quite steamy [...]

    15. Mystery, suspense, forbidden attraction…This book has all that and more as Katherine Shaw’s life is once again turned on its axis. She witnessed the murder of her mother years earlier, and continues to be haunted by the violent loss. Her entire life changed and her choices, as well as her relationship with her father, continue to be influenced by it. New threats to the family have her father arranging for security which includes Jason Garrett, a man in black that she feels an immediate attra [...]

    16. ARC received for an honest reviewWow, wow, wow! That is all that needs to be said about Flash Point - go and buy it!I have read collaborations involving Brooke Blaine before, but this is her debut novel - and what a novel it is.Flash Point is full of suspense, romance, lingering looks and a fair share of drama.And OMG the chemistry between our MC's, Katherine and Jason - I swear anyone near them would have a bad case of proximity-lust! *Fanning myself* I swear the UST between them is off the cha [...]

    17. i'm not really huge into romantic suspense reads but my friend at work recommended this to me so i gave it a go and i also see quite a few GR friends have read and enjoyed it. it was a fun read because it felt a bit different to what i have been picking lately and it's also perfect for those who live for some strong UST. pretty fast paced story that keeps you on your toes. i never guessed at what was coming next and it has some very good twists and turns. a nice suprise overall.

    18. 5 STARSThis book. This book is genius. I love a good suspense. I love a good twist. I love a strong heroine. I love a capable hero.It had it all.It had the tension I craved. It kept me guessing.The characters were so consistent.I just can't help myself. It's officially one of my favorite romantic suspense novels to date.I don't even have words to describe this love that I have for Jason and Katherine.

    19. Hmmmmm. It must be a case of it's not you, it's me because I seem to be in the minority on this one.Ehhhh. I just… liked it. (*shrugs*) In the end, it wasn’t what I thought I was getting when I flipped open to the first page. I was really pumped for this one. I was dying for that drive-you-up-the-wall intense feeling with a dash of push-you-to-the-edge-of-insanity with sexual tension. Sadly, it wasn’t there to the degree that I was hoping for or maybe it was and I just couldn’t feel it. [...]

    20. I've been following Brooke since we did the book tours for her co-authored A Desperate Man series books with Ella Frank. When she emailed us and asked us to do the tour for her first book she wrote herself I agreed. I wanted to see how she did on her own. I loved it.I read this in one sitting and it kept my attention the whole time. It got H.O.T. at times, it was funny in others and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I have so many highlighted quotes I want to post but I think they would be bett [...]

    21. **5 FLASHING Stars**Brooke Blaine knocked it out of the park with her solo debut novel. I devoured this book from page one. I really liked the character development and getting their POV's. Katherine is your typical young twenties girl that has to go through more than a person should. As the story goes on you understand her more and her relationships with others. She's strong and doesn't let anyone stand in her way when she wants something. Jason is smoking HOT and awesome at his job.Hang on for [...]

    22. Finding Safety I was so excited to enjoy yet another amazing, sexy intense epic story. Written by a favourite author, Brooke Blaine. This story is such an immense thrilling adventure, that you just can't put down. Can her bodyguard keep her safe!After the death of Katherine Shawn dear mother only five short years ago and her Dad, William Shawn now a Judge, still felt the immense pain as well always feeling the fear of this wealthy families past. I adored this wonderful most wonder intense thrill [...]

    23. Una dintre cartile care au reusit sa ma surprinda la final. O poveste frumoasa cu personaje principale a caror relatie m-a facut sa stau lipita de carte si sa nu ma opresc din citit decat la final, iar cand am ajuns la final singurul lucru pe care mi l-am dorit a fost sa citesc mai mult. Au fost momente amuzante care au destins atmosfera si autoarea a creat personaje usor de placut. O carte foarte interesanta pe care o recomand cu drag.

    24. Now thats what I call a good book! for a debut novel it was so good.Boy I did not see that coming. My kinda story :)

    25. I don’t know why it took me so long to read this book. I know I freaking love Brooke Blaine’s writing and of course the minute I started this book I was hooked. I can usually figure things out when reading thriller and suspense novels. I don’t know what it says about me, but I can. Well this is one where I didn’t see things coming at all. She totally had me fooled and I loved every freaking second of it.I love how sassy Katherine is. She’s amazing. And Jason…ooooh is he sexy. I mean [...]

    26. I believe that Flash Point is Ms. Brooke Blaine’s debut novel by herself. I have had the pleasure of reading her and Ella Frank’s A Desperate Man serial and I absolutely love it so I was excited to give Brooke a try alone. I am stoked that I did because I really REALLY enjoyed Flash Point.“I think you’d be more pleasant with a sausage in your mouth, yes.”Oh, I was dying laughing. This book was really hysterical. In a lot of ways Flash Point is your typical Body Guard protects girl who [...]

    27. Speechless.I went into this book with very little knowledge about what the story would be. I requested a copy in exchange for a honest review based on the fact that the male character was based on Jason Statham!!!! Jason Statham is on my top 10 list of favorite male actors that I get a hall pass for ;-) So our characters are Katherine who needs protection after her life is threatened because of her father's job and a past tragic event. Jason is one of the bodyguards assigned to protect Katherine [...]

    28. If you're looking for a fun, suspenseful read, with sexual tension that's just dripping off the pages, look no further than Flash Point! With a feisty, sassy heroine, an unflappable, delectable hero, witty dialogue and a plot that will have your head spinning, Flash Point had me hanging on until the very last page.And it left me wanting more, oh did it leave me wanting more. I feel so invested in these characters- Katherine and Jason really came alive in this book, you could feel their every emo [...]

    29. This book had me flashing a time or two as I tore through the pages. What a fantastic solo debut by Brooke Blaine!The banter was witty and funny. Katherine was a spunky heroine and I just love that in a book. Intrigue, mystery, and a plot that will keep you on your toes until the end. AND Jason well you all need to meet the quiet protector who just happens to be extremely appealing.This was a great read that I highly recommend. I'll be following this born to write author.

    30. Wow. Definitely threw me for a loop here. A huge mind game of "who the heck is it", I was quite shocked when it was revealed.And as for the ending? Definitely not what us romance novel devourers would call HEA, but I guess we'll never know.

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