Revenge the Zombie Apocalypse Revenge the Zombie Apocalypse is the epic conclusion to the Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy The zombie outbreak has ravished the country for over two weeks Rachel and her friends are at their breaking point

  • Title: Revenge & the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Author: Chelsea Luna
  • ISBN: 9781511984072
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revenge the Zombie Apocalypse is the epic conclusion to the Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy The zombie outbreak has ravished the country for over two weeks Rachel and her friends are at their breaking point They have suffered casualties, unspeakable horrors, murder and betrayal To survive, the battered group must continue on through the great expanse of the American waRevenge the Zombie Apocalypse is the epic conclusion to the Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy The zombie outbreak has ravished the country for over two weeks Rachel and her friends are at their breaking point They have suffered casualties, unspeakable horrors, murder and betrayal To survive, the battered group must continue on through the great expanse of the American wasteland Their only hope lies at Camp Freedom Two in Las Vegas the last major survivor camp still safeguarded by the military The long journey from Michigan to Nevada is filled with the undead Danger lurks in every twist of the road Will the group survive Can they work together and overcome their struggles

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    One thought on “Revenge & the Zombie Apocalypse”

    1. Chelsea has totally done it again!!!! I could not put this book down. Constant action and suspense. Chelsea makes you feel so connected to the story and characters. Her writing skill is one of the best I've ever read. Every book she puts out I absolutely devour. This series and this book do not disappoint. Thanks for sharing your talent with us again, Chelsea. :)

    2. I just Loved it. It was a great ending to this Trilogy. Such a world wind of emotions! Adam is amazing, and Rachel is just what you want in the Zombie Apocalypse. Not to mention Nicky he's the best. This was a great read and someone else mentioned if your missing The Walking Dead read this, I couldn't agree more

    3. What a great way to end the series. I can't say everything turned out the way I was hoping for but it still worked out great. I loved every second of the story. Every happy, heart wrenching, terror, and heart break. It was a great ride. Now on to the next epic zombie Apocalypse filled world!

    4. In the final book of the Zombie Apocalypse series the group is still trying to find a way to a safe zone. The final one still standing is Camp Freedom Two in Las Vegas which is a long way from Michigan. Rachel and Adam grow closer as the group is forced to kill to survive. The group can’t seem to catch a break. Along the way the group meets up with some new friends and foes. Survival is there only goal at this point and sometimes that doesn’t even seem like an option. I enjoy Luna’s books [...]

    5. Sooooo Gooood! This was a really great ending to this series. I loved Nicky The Author Chelsea Luna has such a gift for writing, she's funny, emotional, serious, caring and heartfelt. Not to mention crazy, the stuff she comes up with is just crazy, her characters are on a serious roller coaster of events and emotions. Your literally laughing one minute then in tears the next. I loved this adventure, I'm sad its over. I have also been a fan of Ms. Luna and look forward to her next Book. please hu [...]

    6. Loved it! I sat down and read and I cried, laughed (out loud), and yelled (in my mindlol). It was really a good ending to the series. I had waited like a lot of other people for this book and I was really pleased. I luv when that happens If you haven't read this series yet, get to it The author has a very good writing style and I have been a fan of hers from the beginning. If you haven't checked her out yet, your missing out on some great books

    7. LOVED IT!! It was really good, it tied up all the loose ends so much turmoil that these characters' go through. Whew It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I just love Nicky and Alex and Adam. So much happens in this book, I laughed and cried and yelled!! lol I just love how Ms. Luna writes I'm a BIG fan She is not afraid to kill off main characters and I love that if you haven't checked these out and you love Zombie stories you will go crazy for this Great job!

    8. I have been waiting for this 3rd Book, and trust me it was worth the wait! Oh My, you wont believe all the things these people go through, it just a rollercoaster of emotions. I have been a big fan of the Author, Chelsea Luna, and trust me she doesn't disappoint. If you haven't read any of her book, trust me your missing out

    9. WOW!! If your Missing The Walking dead READ this Zombie TrilogyIt is Amazing! I was on the edge of my seat through the whole book I'm sad its the last book in this series, But look forward to any books from this Author, Chelsea Luna had me hooked from beginning Great Read, especially if your a Zombie Fan

    10. Revenge & the zombie apocalypseLoved it could not put it down just wish it had been longer very well written hope she brings more books out as good as this series

    11. This is a bit better written than the two previous installments, quick build up with a few one-two punches. The story never really "ends", it just finishes. One major element surprised me quite a bit toward the end, but a good portion of it was somewhat predictable. Worth the read I've you've read the 2 previous installments, but, in the end, it settles into typical zombie fiction.

    12. I am so excited to read this book! if I win the drawing I will update my review and when I read the book I will update my review accordingly

    13. So I was actually planning on reading a little bit of book two and then sleep. But then I just continued, and also read this book. 3.5 hours later since the time I went to bed, and I had both finished. There will be a few stuff that I will put under spoiler tags. I just need, NEED, to talk about stuff that happened in this book. We immediately start off where we left in book 2. It was especially fun now that I read the books back to back, it just felt like I was reading one big book. :P So right [...]

    14. For what this is, a zombie apocalypse story of survival and romance, it's well done until the end. There's a lot of good qualities • All the characters get a voice and a role. I connected with all of them. While some die, I didn't feel like any of them were treated as disposable secondary characters. To not expect deaths in an apocalypse story is like not expecting ice cream to melt. • The character's actions were logical, believable in the circumstances. • Aside from one plot hole, I felt [...]

    15. This book achieved what doesn't happen often enough. A great ending to a trilogy and the action and drama continued till the end.

    16. Well, I was hoping the characters dialogue would have gotten more realistic through the trilogy butttt only improved marginally. With the exception of Nicky (who is developed to be the type of person who makes left field comments) most of the other characters said the stupidest things. Despite that, I still looked forward to picking up where I left off and reading the storyline. Although it wasn't the type of book where I was unable to put it down, the important thing is I still enjoyed it. It i [...]

    17. Great series I read through this series so fast! I never wanted to put it down. It's a good story with some romance . I just really enjoyed the fast pace. Nicky is a pretty cool character . And I love it when one of the girls in the group , like Rachel , can kick serious zombie ass! But it's just a group of strangers that become a family through watching each other's back and loss. Great series. Want to read more from this author.

    18. Satisfying conclusionMore death, more zombies, more love and heartbreak.As in most apocalypsess with zombies or without, it is the calculating evil of human beings with out laws who are to be most feared.This gave us a satisfying end. Thanks to the author for not drawing it out, although I did hate to see a good book end.

    19. so glad this series didn't end with a neat little bow. the series was very realistic. to how I would envision the US during the apocalypse. and the series didn't shy away from killing off characters.

    20. Such a good ending to a series. Wish the books were longer so I didn't have to see this one come to an end.

    21. I tend to read about some really dark topics but this was the most disturbing of all. It literally made me sick to my stomach, and as strange as it may sounds that's the only reason I'm not giving it 1 star, because something that can cause me such a strong reaction can't be that bad even if personally I really didn't like it. It was like everyone became brain dead, and wasn't capable of logical thinking. First of all why on earth would you travel 2000 miles across a zombie infested country when [...]

    22. I really liked this series it totally had me on edge the 2 days I read through the entire thing. I am pretty bummed that Rachel ended up with Adam, because she was so with Cage the first two books. If the author did that because Cage did end up sacrificing himself, I think there would have been a better way to go about that. All in all, this was a really good series and it had me totally entranced to the very end.

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