Aristotele e Dante scoprono i segreti dell universo Aristotele e Dante Dall estate del nella citt di El Paso in Texas seguiremo la pi sensazionale delle scoperte umane la crescita Dal microcosmo della famiglia con le sue regole i suoi silenzi

  • Title: Aristotele e Dante scoprono i segreti dell'universo
  • Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • ISBN: 9788820136895
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aristotele e Dante Dall estate del 1987, nella citt di El Paso, in Texas, seguiremo la pi sensazionale delle scoperte umane la crescita Dal microcosmo della famiglia con le sue regole, i suoi silenzi e le sue rigidit al ring della scuola, fino allo sconfinato orizzonte della vita di fuori , quella che attende tutti tra aspettative e paure Aristotele e Dante scoAristotele e Dante Dall estate del 1987, nella citt di El Paso, in Texas, seguiremo la pi sensazionale delle scoperte umane la crescita Dal microcosmo della famiglia con le sue regole, i suoi silenzi e le sue rigidit al ring della scuola, fino allo sconfinato orizzonte della vita di fuori , quella che attende tutti tra aspettative e paure Aristotele e Dante scopriranno i segreti dell universo dentro se stessi, e finalmente accetteranno di amarsi.

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      261 Benjamin Alire Sáenz
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    One thought on “Aristotele e Dante scoprono i segreti dell'universo”

    1. YA realistic fiction.This book has won so many awards I could barely see the cover under all the stickers! After reading it, I understood why it gets so much praise. Sáenz tells the story of two young men, Aristotle “Ari” Mendoza and Dante Quintana growing up in El Paso, Texas during the 1980s. We follow their lives from age fifteen to seventeen, watching their relationship slowly grow, change and strengthen. Told from Ari’s point of view, the novel is crafted in short, lyrical chapters. [...]

    2. 3 STEPS TO BECOME ME, THOMAS:1. Obtain a copy of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.2. Read the book.3. Fall in love. Fall in love with the writing, the characters, everything. Read past midnight, read in school, read everywhere and all the time. Slam the book shut and whisper-scream oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. At the end of the book, allow a single tear to run down your right cheek and say a silent prayer of thanks for the fact that you are able to read at all.Perh [...]

    3. This book was so so beautiful.In actuality, it doesn't have a "plot". Not a main story or event that the characters center around. It's about a boy. It's a story about a boy who is sad and angry and can't figure out why. It's about him trying to love himself and others. It's about the teenage condition and mentality.Let's talk about why I loved it. Mainly, I loved the mood and tone. It made me feel mellow and warm. I liked that it was slow paced, that it felt like real life with small but import [...]

    4. Oh gosh, my feelings are all over the place.It started in a very captivating way. I liked the narrator. Aristotle-nicknamed Ari-is a calm fifteen-year-old boy who prefers being aloneHe doesn’t feel comfortable being around people his age but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a recluse. Everyone things he’s sad and lonely but, really, he doesn’t mind it.And then he meets Dante. Dante who made him see the world differently. Gosh, how much I loved that character. Everything about him mad [...]

    5. “The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.”I've heard so many good things about this novel and seen it all over tumblr. I wanted to read this so badly, which is why I finally, finally got my hands on a copy and started reading rightaway. I also finished reading it rightaway.My thoughts:Well first of all, I love the way I can identify with Ari and Dante, but especially with Ari. Sometimes his stubbornness got on my nerves and I wanted to shake him and t [...]

    6. I have been saving this book. Just waiting for the right moment for us to come together and love one another. And this book is fine, I guess. It's okay. But I really don't see the magic that prompted so many five star ratings and literary awards. It's weird because I was sure we were meant for each other. A Printz Honor book featuring a gay romance between two quirky characters - one of whom is a rough guy who gets into fights and has a complicated relationship with his father; the other being a [...]

    7. i really thought this was going to be a slam-dunk of a book. all those prestigious awards and recognitions, a gay coming-of-age story that got the coveted dana stamp of approval, that cover…d it is not a bad book, not by a long shot; i definitely enjoyed reading it. it just doesn't transcend its YA status like so many YA books do. this is an excellent book for its audience, but for me, it doesn't have that crossover appeal that so many recent YA titles have had. it gets points for featuring an [...]

    8. “Maybe we just lived between hurting and healing.” I put off writing this review for months and months. Not because I didn't want to write it - I did. Believe me, I've worked this draft over and over like it's my magnum opus. I just wanted to get this review right, and to really communicate exactly how much this book means to me. I failed, but I did my best. This review is going to be grossly personal, because this book meant so much to me personally. To me it wasn't just a cute book or a fu [...]

    9. Update Feb 2017Lowering my rating to 3 stars since I think 4.5 was super duper generous 4.5*I just didn't really love it as much as I had thought I would. Another case of a book being too hyped up for it to possibly live up to my expectations unfortunately. That being said I did still really enjoy it and thing it was a beautiful story, pretty similar to some other books I've read though.

    10. Update 2/20/2017 - Raising my review to 2 stars from 1 star originally because the three positives I felt were strong enough on it's own to improve the book for me.Making some edits that are signified by "**" as of 9/7/2016 because it seems I did not clarify my feelings enough.Alright before I explain my thoughts, I want to leave a few notes:1. Before people assume I didn't "understand" the point of the novel, let me be clear that I DO. I see the underlying motives behind the author in most of w [...]

    11. That was just straight up beautiful. I put off reading it for so long because I saw everyone's reviews that they were crying and I thought this book would be depressing. But it's not. Not at all. I usually don't get as into books that are mostly dialogue, but this one totally pulled me in I could feel everything Ari went through. And I know I'm like the last person left to get to this story, so I'll just say that the hype is real.

    12. Do you remember the feeling you get when you watch the sun rise or set?Do you remember the feeling you get when you're so happy that you felt like flying?Do you remember the feeling you get when you're so sad and alone that you felt like curling yourself into a ball and wishing you never had to move on?Do you remember the feeling you get when you're so mad that you don't know why your mad?Do you remember the feeling you get when you wished you knew the mysteries of life?Well, this book brought u [...]

    13. REREAD: JULY 2017Okay wow. Just wow. You know how there are some books you love but then when you come back to reread, you realise you truly adore them SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO WORDS??? Because I'm having that moment. This is an emotional, painful and beautiful book and I hAVE feelings. omg. I swear I love this 53 x more than the first time I read it. I need more stars??SMOL LIST OF THOUGHTS DURING MY REREAD:• I listened to the audio (narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda!) and it was sooooo good. Absolut [...]

    14. "As Dante was watching me search the sky through the lens of a telescope, he whispered, 'Someday, I'm going to discover all of the secrets of the universe.'" All of the stars in the universe - an instant favourite. As some of you may know, I'm a sucker for a good coming-of-age love story, and this one completely delivered. I read this in one sitting. One. I don't think you understand, I'm ADHD, I hardly ever finish a book in one sitting. But this book? I refused to put it down. I said I'd read t [...]

    15. I was fifteen.I was bored.I was miserable.As far as I was concerned, the sun could have melted the blue right off the sky. Then the sky could be as miserable as I was.This started off well, continued to, and was living up to my expectations, but then everything went down a little. I noticed things I didn't notice before. I wasn't even gonna bother with writing a review for this but I got 2 friends telling me to hurry up and write it although I got other things to do that involve school since sch [...]

    16. This is the second time I've read this book now and I still have no wordsThis book is honestly the most beautiful book I have ever read. It's so precious and I deeply connect with it in a way that I don't often do when reading a book. This book truly is a blessing and I beg you all to read it. It's so important and well written and real and stunning and precious and true and perfect I just can't even express it!!!!

    17. So, this is probably going to be the last review I write bc I don’t think I’m going to survive the boycotting my friends are going to inflict on me after I roast this book.Firstly, I want to apologize to the world.Secondly, WHAT THE HECK WAS THE POINT OF THIS BOOK??!!??So the beginning was cute. It was cute in a middle-school-book kinda way. But going in thinking this was YA and getting an onslaught of 99% CONVERSATION and 0% PLOT made me feel ripped off. I must say though, I appreciate the [...]

    18. Me gustó. Es una historia que nos enseña a valorarnos por lo que somos, sin importar lo que los demás piensen o digan de nosotros. Una historia que nos enseña a ver y encontrar lo que más nos hace felices, a apreciar a los que te quieren, demostrarles tu afecto siempre que puedas y a no juzgar a otros por las apariencias. Benjamin Alire Sáenz escribió un relato mágico, que transmite paz y esperanza.Sin embargo,Cuatro aspectos negativos: ► Me costó mucho encariñarme con Aristotle. Me [...]

    19. this book is seriously so cute and wonderful. it was so much different than what I expected going into it and ugh I just want everyone to read this.

    20. This was such a quick read! I can definitely understand why so many people love this book - had tears in my eyes a few times!

    21. Esta es una novela que venía precedida de un increíble hype y que irremediablemente termina afectando a su lectura. Durante las primeras páginas era incapaz de encontrar por qué la gente amaba tanto este libro, y unas páginas más adelante lo pude entender. Pero volví a lo mismo, a partes tediosas, sin trama, que hacían que la novela no fuera nada del otro mundo. Sin embargo, durante las últimas 100 páginas creo que conseguí conectar mucho más con los personajes y con la historia. ¿S [...]

    22. Clever, realistic, touching, funny, and endearing! A must read!Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is written in first person by Aristotle or Ari as he likes to be called. Ari is a fifteen year old moody loner who at the beginning of his summer break decides to go swimming at the local pool. Though he really can't swim, never learned how, so he only floats around on his back. But when he hears, "Want me to teach you how to swim?" He meets Dante and a friendship blossoms.I ca [...]

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