Ruby s Misadventures with Reality Emerald City Mystery She s off to see the killer Lawyer Ruby O Deare might not be living the American dream but it feels like it every time she visits her small town megamall The shoes The lighting Prince Charming spotte

  • Title: Ruby's Misadventures with Reality (Emerald City Mystery, #1)
  • Author: Samantha Bohrman
  • ISBN: 9781943336654
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s off to see the killer Lawyer Ruby O Deare might not be living the American dream, but it feels like it every time she visits her small town megamall The shoes The lighting Prince Charming spotted in the food court It s a dream, right But all dreams must come to an end Ruby s does when she wakes up after a one night stand with the town s sexy zoning commissioner,She s off to see the killer Lawyer Ruby O Deare might not be living the American dream, but it feels like it every time she visits her small town megamall The shoes The lighting Prince Charming spotted in the food court It s a dream, right But all dreams must come to an end Ruby s does when she wakes up after a one night stand with the town s sexy zoning commissioner, Noel West Actually, that part is good It s the expired Dollar Store condoms she finds that feel too real And then her favorite client Estelle turns up dead.Ruby is determined to find out the truth behind the curtains of Ozcorp, the company that owns the heavenly megamall and has the most to gain from her client s death She just hopes the zoning commissioner she might be falling for isn t caught up in the danger.

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    • Best Read [Samantha Bohrman] Ë Ruby's Misadventures with Reality (Emerald City Mystery, #1) || [Travel Book] PDF ☆
      137 Samantha Bohrman
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    One thought on “Ruby's Misadventures with Reality (Emerald City Mystery, #1)”

    1. Such a fun book! I loved the characters and all the Wizard of Oz references. Ruby reminded me of a cooler Stephanie Plum. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a witty mystery.

    2. A laugh out loud funny book filled with wacky but endearing characters, a story with a bit of mystery, tons of zany mishaps, and overall left me feeling happy! Ruby with all her good intentions finds herself in some pretty bizarre situations that she deals with as only Ruby can! You can't help but love Ruby all the while shaking your head at her antics. This is a book I highly recommend!

    3. confused face…I think this is a farce. Like that genre I “found” a couple years ago, Romanticon… this Romanticon? Romance and comedy with a slice of oblivious. Ruby lives with her friend, a brilliant scientist by day, who happens to want to revolutionize the bra and undie industry. She is resourceful, hardworking and quick witted…everything Ruby is NOT. The whole back story of the book is about a night on blackout aka “Special Pepsi” that Ruby’s squatter, the supposed to be funny [...]

    4. FULL REVIEW CAN BE FOUND AT BOTTLES & BOOKS REVIEWS HERE.Ruby's Misadventures With Reality is laugh out loud hilarious with so many humorous mishaps and antics. Samantha Bohrman kept me entertained from the very first sentence. I'm not sure where she comes up with half the things she does, but I think we should erect a bronzed midget statue of her to worship. Yes, this book was THAT good. Ruby is so lovable but at the same time completely ditzy (in a way that reminds me of myself, actually). [...]

    5. This book made me laugh. A lot. It's so witty and Ruby, the MC, so endearing in all her flaws. If you love to be surprised, entertained, and giggle your head off, this is the perfect book for you.Samantha Bohrman is a fresh new voice full of wit and heart.

    6. Out today!!Shopaholic meets Legally Blonde in this fun romantic mystery. It's Emerald City like you've never imagined!

    7. Fun little romantic romp, with lots of whimsy. I'd give this 3 1/2 stars, but I've met the author and she's a delight and taught a really fun class in writing romance, so I'm rounding up. Yeay Sam! So, what is this book? Is it a romance, or is it a cozy mystery? Um, yes? It's kind of both. It's more cozy mystery than romance, but we do have plenty of tropes, so don't despair, fans of romance. I actually liked the mystery better than the romance, but I wasn't totally on the Noel ship.Of all the c [...]

    8. I got this book as an advanced reader copy from Entangled Publishing. I will skip the plot summary because Entangled does a nice job of describing it.I had such a great time reading this book. Ruby is cross between Elle Woods, Nancy Drew (I have a deep love for Nancy Drew and that's why I chose her over a more adult mystery character), and Bridget Jones. So she is goofy and endearing and earnest, even if her coffee consumption while pregnant is a bit questionable. The love story is sweet. The ch [...]

    9. Review also posted on bookschocolateandwine/cate Having been a huge fan of Wizard of Oz since I was six years old I was automatically drawn into reading this novel. I was also very skeptical since it in-cooperated a story that was very near and dear to my heart. May I just say, laugh out loud funny! I don’t think there was a page in this novel that I did not enjoy. The main character Ruby is sensationally funny and not just in personality but in the situations she gets herself into while inves [...]

    10. ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****WOW! What a terrific spin on the Wizard of OZ story. It is a murder mystery and a love story all rolled into one. The story starts with a one night stand and ends with a killer tornado Ruby is a lawyer because a quiz said she would be good at it. She acts like she has ADD and is all over the place. She ends up having a one night stand with the town's sexy zoning commissioner, Noel West. She then finds out her favorite client, [...]

    11. Ruby's life is full of surprises and Samantha Bohram took me on a fast paced, entertaining adventure in Ruby's Misadventures With Reality.From the start I liked that Ruby had real things happen to herey were just more over the top and often a lot wilder than 'normal'! I liked Ruby as a heroinee was a fun character to read about and get to know. Ruby did have her misadventures, but Samantha also weaves in serious issues and emotion that fit well with the plot. I couldn't wait to turn the pages to [...]

    12. Such a fun book, and perfect for an escape on a hot summer day! Ruby's Oz is very different from what I have ever seen before, and in the most wonderful way. From munchkin statues lining the streets to a yellow brick road winding through the huge biomall, the subtle references to the Wizard of Oz are so much fun to stumble across. Warning: You will begin to see Wizard of Oz references everywhere! Ruby's Misadventures with Reality also has a full cast of hilarious characters that make Ruby's worl [...]

    13. I so enjoyed Ruby's self-deprecating humor and the Wizard of Oz connections. The story was really fun and full of good silliness but, just like Ruby, slowly picked up in maturity and concern for the community and environment around us. Samantha gives her narrator a witty insightful voice and an opportunity for social commentary without losing sight of the comedic lightness of the genre.There were also quite a few unexpected twists; it felt like watching a comfort movie in your pj's on a rainy ni [...]

    14. This is the debut novel by Samantha Bohrman. I asked to review because of the title. Ruby's Misadventures with Reality is a quirky fun mystery with a slightly manic shopaholic, totally confused lawyer. Ruby was not at the top of her class nor was she a total screw up. She ended up as a lawyer because she didn’t have anything better and a quiz told her she would be good at it. This book is as manic as its heroine. It will leave you tired and smiling. I look forward to more from this author.Comp [...]

    15. I was given a copy by the publisher for review.I am on such a great book roll right now! The last few books I've read have been just amazing, but this one, this one is right in there with my all time favorites.Want a book that you are going to fall in love with, laugh out loud, and not want to put down just because the characters are quirky and fun? This is that book! This book is as rare a gem as it's main character, Ruby. Gotta read it, gotta love it!

    16. This is a fun tale that follows Ruby, an attorney, that loves all things shopping and nothing about being a lawyer. This book is funny with Ruby's over the top exploits ranging from spending more money on coffee than food to dollar store condoms. Through it all, Ruby is somehow lovable and you are rooting for her to find her way and become a responsible adult.I am looking forward to reading more by Samanth Bohrman and hope that this can become a series: more Ruby please!

    17. What an inventive way to utilize the key ingredients in the wizard of Oz into a new and imaginative story.It all starts with a defective, glow in the dark, dollar store condom and only gets better. Ruby and Noel have anything but a normal relationship.Their jobs and family only add to the humor that is sure to have you laughing.This is like an adult version of The Wizard of Oz on drugs and overdosed on caffeine.Great characters! Something new you'll not want to miss.

    18. This was such a fun book. I loved all the "Wizard of Oz" references as well as the modern day references. (There's a character named Destinee Childs let that sink in). There was murder, suspense, humor, romance you name it! Great debut!

    19. This was a okay read, I thought I was going to like it more I think it was because of Ruby she was one of those heroines that I knew I wasn't going to like her much. I felt that she wasn't a likable character.I really liked Noel as a character and I just wish he was in the book more but I felt he disappeared a lot in the book and it just made me feel like he wasn't the hero of the book. Eric was in more of the book at one point I thought she was going to end up with him.The only surprise I got o [...]

    20. A great first book from this author. Wonderful wit and humor from beginning to end. Funny and maybe even a little dark in looking at consumerism and how the almighty dollar can win out over almost everything except maybe Mother Nature. Also looks at how ideas of romance can get in the way of relationshipsThe characters are interesting - quirky. Especially liked Ming, the brainy Chinese best friend who tells it like it is, and Todd, Ming's assistant, who seems to spend most of his moments in a cl [...]

    21. 4 RUBY RED STARS This was a fun and quirky read! I loved the Wizard of Oz references. Also other references like Legally Blonde because god bless that movie. I could totally relate to Ruby. I really enjoyed this but of course as Non-American, grasping some of the references were difficult but nothing I didn't understand.

    22. Ruby, the main character of this book , is flawed, ditzy at times and very funny, her humour is very like my own and I literally laughed out loud several times. The Wizard of Oz references are very tongue in cheek and were much appreciated. The style of writing reminded me of old Sam Spade novels and I loved the characters, especially Ruby herself and Em. A fun read, perfect for summer reading!

    23. What a fun read. I loved that it was a play off of the Wizard of Oz! The only thing missing would have been the wicked witch crushed under a house!

    24. I keep finding myself drawn to books that have been inspired by fairy tales and other previously told stories. Ruby's Misadventures with Reality by Samantha Bohrman is one such title. You can probably guess from the title which story this one is based off of, but just in case you can't - it is based off of the ever popular Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. However, this one isn't much of a retelling of it. It is more inspired by it than anything.In this story we follow along Ruby. She is a misguide [...]

    25. Read more reviews on my blog, Geekie Chic.Note: I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I've been on a chick-lit-murder-mystery reading spree off late, haven't I?At least that's what I thought until I finished reading this book. Ruby's Misadventures with Reality is somehow both and neither genre at the same time. I didn't know that was even possible.Yes, you have a murder, but it's conveniently ignored up until the end; there is an unexpected pregnancy, b [...]

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