The Impromptu at Versailles L Impromptu de Versailles is a comedy in one act and in prose

  • Title: The Impromptu at Versailles
  • Author: Molière
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: None
  • L Impromptu de Versailles is a comedy in one act and in prose.

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      203 Molière
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    One thought on “The Impromptu at Versailles”

    1. كعادته في جميع مسرحياته، يسخر موليير ذو اللسان السليط وصاحب النقد اللاذع من طبقة النبلاء، من المركيزات والسيدات المتحذلقات ومن الملك، ومن نفسه أيضًا. يجعل من مسرحياته صورة حية عن وضع المجتمع في ذلك العصر.

    2. Mocker, mocker, pants on fire. In this play Molière mocks mockers mocking him. In the seventeenth century Molière treated mockery with wit and intelligence; in our own society today, on the other hand, mockery has the abusive tone of public shaming on social media. Internet rage? Yet another sign of the end times.

    3. Truly weird. A play commenting on the reviews of a play commenting on the criticism of the original play.However, if you are a student of theater, this probably is important.Read in Moliere, "The Misanthrope, Tartuffe and Other Plays" ISBN 978-0199540181.

    4. Uma peça sobre a criação de um texto num contexto muito específico e a preparação para levar esse texto à cena. É uma experiência diferente e até é gira, mas fora da sua época esta peça não tem grande impacto.

    5. A lesser known, one-off Molière that pokes fun at his rival theatre troupes and critics, and perhaps also the monarchy. Not a traditional comedy, but a clever and self-conscious piece that is pretty fascinating given enough context.

    6. Du plus pur Molière! Il joue avec le style du théa^tre, et se moque à la fois de la noblesse qui ne l'apprécie pas, du monde du théâtre qui veut le voir perdu, tout cela sous le regard presque protecteur de Louis XIV!A lire absolument

    7. This is a truly unique play- the actors and playwright go through the process of a play, but that process IS the play. This is also a critique of a critique- it sounds weird, but apparently people critiqued each other by writing plays about other plays. Odd, but certainly interesting and a very funny way of approaching crticism; in fact, I prefer reading criticism this way! I'm aware that this technique is used in other plays (ex. A Midsummer's Night Dream), but I love the way this one in partic [...]

    8. I found this genial maybe partly because it is not something I expected from Molière, especially not after reading Sganarelle. I liked how it did not have that typical comedy storyline.I loved how the characters were his real life actors and actresses, and how this play was partly a day in the life of a troupe at the time of a rehearsal, especially if they are really not on time :). This short little play told me a lot about his concepts about acting and playing certain characters and about the [...]

    9. This is a short play that can be better understood when read together with L'École des femmes and La Critique de l'École des femmes. It nevertheless goes to show, once again, how great of a comedy writer Molière was.

    10. One of my favorite pieces of literature- among fewer than five. Funny unlike anything else! A play on mirrors. But requires reading of The School for Wives & The School for Wives Criticized first.

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