Leading Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United After an astonishing career first in Scotland and then over years with Manchester United Football Club Sir Alex Ferguson delivers Leading in which the greatest soccer coach of all time will analy

  • Title: Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United
  • Author: Alex Ferguson Michael Moritz
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  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After an astonishing career first in Scotland, and then over 27 years with Manchester United Football Club Sir Alex Ferguson delivers Leading, in which the greatest soccer coach of all time will analyze the pivotal leadership decisions of his 38 years as a manager and, with his friend and collaborator Sir Michael Moritz, draw out lessons anyone can use in business and lifAfter an astonishing career first in Scotland, and then over 27 years with Manchester United Football Club Sir Alex Ferguson delivers Leading, in which the greatest soccer coach of all time will analyze the pivotal leadership decisions of his 38 years as a manager and, with his friend and collaborator Sir Michael Moritz, draw out lessons anyone can use in business and life to generate long term transformational success.From hiring practices to firing decisions, from dealing with transition to teamwork, from mastering the boardroom to responding to failure and adversity, Leading is as inspiring as it is practical, and a go to reference for any leader in business, sports, and life.

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      275 Alex Ferguson Michael Moritz
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    One thought on “Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United”

    1. Written as a collection of anecdotes, this book tries to condense Sir Alex's philosophy into a set of principles by which to live. In my opinion, this is not so much a book about management or leadership as it is about work ethic.Sir Alex Ferguson typifies the stolid Scottish Work ethic, and more than anything else, this book succeeds in crystallizing that work ethic and shaping it into a coherent whole.Do not expect any mind bending management philosophy here. Sir Alex does not magically reveal [...]

    2. كتابي بي نظير در مورد نكته هاي مديريتي و رهبري با ترجمه عالي و روان شايان سادات.ويژگي بسيار خوب اين كتاب مثال هاي واقعي در مورد هر نكته س كه اگر اهل فوتبال هم نباشيد به خوبي در ذهنتون حك ميشن.مطالب روانشناسي كه بينابين نكات اومدن كاملا قابل تامل هستن .موخره مايكل موريتز هم كتاب [...]

    3. Do you want to know some hot news about David Beckham? About Wayne Rooney or about Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes? Then do not read this book, because you won't find here any. In this book you will find very interesting comparison of the work of football managers and of CEOs, sales managers etc. They have quite a lot in common. I have never read such a long epilogue as the one in this book. The epilogue is really long but you will find there interesting comparison of ManU and Sillicon Valley companies. [...]

    4. کتاب در رابطه با تجارب مدیریتی الکس فرگوسن در منچستر یونایتد و چند باشگاهی است که قبل از پیوستن به منچستر در آن ها در کسوت سرمربی مشغول بوده است و شامل نکات بسیار جالبی در باب مدیریت و رهبری است که همگی حاصل تجارب شخصی فرگوسن است. خواندن این کتاب بهافرادی که علاقه مند به مباحث م [...]

    5. Pro toho, kdo žije fotbalem je to povinnost. Ferguson nikdy nebyl můj oblíbenec, ale zaslouží si respekt. Kniha je svižná, poutavá a přečte se jedním dechem. Spíše bych chtěl napsat proč jsem neudělil plný počet. a) Feguson je zde téměř neomylný b) některé kapitoly jsou až senilně opakující se, respektive jejich části c) nezábavný doslov spoluautora. Naopak velké plus je, že ač nemám rád druh knížek a la "učebnice jak být lepší", tak tady mi to nevadilo [...]

    6. The book is a second go at Sir Alex's biography, this time focusing solely on his leadership skills. A very enjoyable read indeed. But then again I found the following to be a bit annoying at times:1. 99% of the book is dedicated at how Sir Alex has done everything right. Even sometimes criticizing his own critics and trying to defend his decisions. Perhaps a bit of modesty or sharing more anecdotes regarding the things that went wrong would have helped the tone of the book to shift sometimes.2. [...]

    7. More or less what you'd expect if you invite a monstrously competitive person to spend 400 pages telling you why they were so successful. But it has lots of insight and you come away thinking that you'd want to be on the same team as him. There is a postscript by someone involved in finance in Silicon Valley which is preposterous, pondering the similarities with the world Sir Alex inhabited with the world of elite IT. Doesn't understand that whilst we might like to be as rich as the founder of G [...]

    8. My introduction to the world of Premier Leagues has been very very recent(or lets say "nascent"). However, reading this book gives immense perspective towards situations and most importantly circumstances that changed during the period Alex Fergusson managed the team . His style of writing and refreshingly lucid and is not preachy at any point. It is one of those rare books that focusses on circumstances, decisions and mistakes taken in that position. It is honest and raw. I happened to make the [...]

    9. Ferguson is a proven entity in leadership. Possessing an ability to see what others often overlook. Ferguson consistently demonstrates the importance of harnessing this skill achieving that which few dare to dream. Read every book by one of life's great thinkers and even greater listeners.

    10. Incredible tool for leading an enterprise and a back-to-back watch over an incredible world's best football manager ever. Wonderful read.

    11. It's nigh impossible to have a managerial reign like that of SAF in this modern era of the premier league that is all about short term success and quick results. But the interesting question isn't just how could SAF could win so many trophies as he did, it isn't just how he could conjure winning teams one after the other. The most difficult task Ferguson had was to eliminate any signs of complacency, which so frequently accompanies success. This book gives a glimpse of the discipline that served [...]

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    13. If you love football and Man Utd, this is such an invaluable book. Besides all the great leadership tips written in candid style, based on his immensely successful career as a player and a coach, Sir Alex also shed some of thoughts purely for football. The players he regretted not buying/he ended up buying and turn out to be great, the games he made the decisions right and wrong, the important games.It also makes me think so much more about how hard it is to run, manage a club, to prepare, play [...]

    14. Първо, да подчертая, че съм фен на Ливърпул. Не знам как се получи. Никога не съм бил свидетел на тяхна титла. Може би понятието "Ливърпул" се е въртяло в пространството и се е закачило в моето съзнание. Един ден гледах мач по кабелната и усетих титаничната атмосфера на Анфийлд [...]

    15. Ainda que nao esteja à altura de "Managing my life" ou "My Autobiography" mantem o estilo de Alex Ferguson: leitura agradável e com lições de sabedoria. O autor é um grande vencedor no esporte e ao ler uma de suas obras você entende algumas das razões de seu sucesso. Incansável, perfeccionista e com uma visão abrangente, fatores que levaram o então veterano treinador a ser requisitado para palestras em grandes corporações. O público-alvo deste livro é justamente aqueles que enfrent [...]

    16. If interested in management wisdom and football/soccer this is the book to read it. Sir Alex Ferguson amazing track record in Manchester United performance is a good reason why to start reading the book. Looking behind the scenes and have a chance to relate to many of the good players, clubs or managers is the second reason to read it. And finally his common sense and uncomplicated approach to look at all parts of leadership at the football club, which is transferable to 80% of the leadership si [...]

    17. There were times (when SAF was the manager) that I wished we had another manager, especially when MU went through a poor period. It is clear that I am an idiot. In the years post-SAF, we see the full measure of SAF's impact to MU. They have spent millions but yet have not been able to get back to the same level. Some things money can't buy.So in his second book, we get his story but this time with a focus on how he led, how he thought through. Success and longevity.

    18. Despite my allegiance to Chelsea FC, this book is not only a fascinating look at Sir Alex' reign of dominance at Man U, but a prime example of the many virtues of leadership, and I much relate to the pragmatic fabric of his Glasgow-born soul. Clever anecdotes included, this book is more an exhortation of determination and an exposition of accumulated wisdom than a tome of footballing triumph.

    19. A fairly quick read. Enjoyable - although primarily because it contained some interesting insights into the personalities of some of the players, the managers and the owners.There are some good examples of how to get the best out of players and how to handle difficult personalities and, ultimately, there's no doubt that Sir AF's winning record is simply outstanding.

    20. Rzeczowa publikacja pisana nie tyle dla kibiców sportowych, co dla wszystkich zainteresowanych biznesem, przywództwem, pracą nad charakterem. Polecam bardzo!Więcej we wpisie: kreatywa/2017/01/byc-l

    21. This book is a must read for anyone in leadership or management. Ferguson's success speaks for itself and the book captures a lot of how he achieved that success through building and rebuilding successful teams and offers tips that can be applied to any field.

    22. A little rambling. Pretty straight-forward stuff as far as the "learn to be a good leader by doing what I did" theme. Work hard. Have an attention for detail. Genuinely care about your people. Listen and observe. Nice to read some of the behind the scenes details but just okay as a book.

    23. Has a nice collection of anecdotes from Ferguson's playing & managerial days but that's all there is to it. Was expecting more out of this book but it turned out to be his autobiography part 2.

    24. I initially picked this book up for some ulterior motive that I won't be discussing here cos someone somewhere is always watching (even though that ulterior motive didn't come to fruition), but unsurprisingly it was an enjoyable read full of insights into the mind and work of Sir Alex, arguably the best manager in Football (the real one, not the American ripoff). Being the manager of as big a club as Manchester United is no mean feat, even for an year (ask David Moyes), but Sir Alex was there at [...]

    25. Well, well, welllet me start this one with a confession.While he was an active premier league manager, I didn't like Alex Ferguson at all. I'm an Arsenal fan, so I guess it's to be expected - for those not in the know (where have you been?) he managed Manchester United, and did a very good job.Anyway, I'm older now and so is Alex Ferguson. he's retired, so he's not as active on my TV set to annoy me.I'm a big fan of business books, and when I saw that there was one based on his leadership I was [...]

    26. Sir Alex Ferguson once said, “The two most powerful words in the English language are, 'Well done'”. The book Leading written by Sir Alex Ferguson has a high emphasis on the sport of football (soccer), but also on the value of a team with discipline as he expresses that through his teachings of being a leader. A Once world-renowned football manager for Manchester United, Ferguson talks about his successes in leading his team to 38 trophies including 13 Premier League titles, two Champions Le [...]

    27. Note: There are more of personal notes instead of a review.This is the 2nd book I've read from Alex Ferguson, and I'd definitely recommend this one more compared to his bio. Whereas the bio felt a bit shallow and brief, this book goes into depth into the character of Ferguson, providing insights into his philosophy and approach to football. It includes many topics such as motivation and drive, managing a big organization and building and developing the team. In each topic it is attempted to be l [...]

    28. Maybe I expected too much from this book, but it wasn't what I hoped it would be. Football fans would probs like this, leadership fans, not so much. The problem with this book is that it preaches one leadership style for 90% of the book - be dominant, disciplined and have authority. Worse, it prescribes this for all contexts. Yes, it works, but only in the right circumstances. Having studied leadership for so long, it's just part of what a good leader is. And that's annoying, because people can [...]

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