Mercenary Sometimes in life choices just aren t part of the plan When fate interferes and bulldozes right over you That s how I felt the first time I saw him Standing in my kitchen soaking wet hotter than a

  • Title: Mercenary
  • Author: Michele Mannon
  • ISBN: 9781250110442
  • Page: 188
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes in life, choices just aren t part of the plan When fate interferes and bulldozes right over you.That s how I felt the first time I saw him Standing in my kitchen, soaking wet, hotter than a man has the right to be, and holding a knife.Declan s cold, stone cold I can t help but want him His presence stirs up some raw emotion within me He seems so ButSometimes in life, choices just aren t part of the plan When fate interferes and bulldozes right over you.That s how I felt the first time I saw him Standing in my kitchen, soaking wet, hotter than a man has the right to be, and holding a knife.Declan s cold, stone cold I can t help but want him His presence stirs up some raw emotion within me He seems so But is he here to kill me or save me He s the one man I should never wantd the one I can never forget.

    Mercenary Wookieepedia FANDOM powered by Wikia A mercenary was an individual who fought for other individuals or parties in return for large amounts of credits Leia Organa, disgusted at Han Solo seeming to only love money rather than wanting to help the Rebel Alliance, once described him as quite a mercenary. Mercenary Risk of Rain Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Mercenary deals fast damage while dodging incoming threats Whirlwind can be used to stay in mid air longer Fit skills between Blinding Assaults to maximize time spent invincible. Mercenary Geologist Gold Mining Geologist The Mercenary Geologist Michael S Mickey Fulpis a Certified Professional Geologist with a B.Sc Earth Sciences with honor from the University of Tulsa, and M.Sc Geology from the University of New Mexico.Mickey has years experience as an exploration geologist and analyst searching for economic deposits of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, coal, uranium, oil and gas, and Mercenary Jobs What Is a Mercenary According to the modern definition, a mercenary is a person who participates in armed conflicts, and in return, he gets material compensation. Mercenary Netflix Official Site When he defies his cruel father and leaves New Caledonia to play rugby in France, young Soane learns hard lessons about life, love and success Watch trailers learn . Mercenary Roblox Tower Battles Wiki FANDOM powered by Description The Mercenary is a soldier wielding an AK It shoots times a second at level and deals damage per shot at level It wears a red beret and has a red torso and legs. Schlock Mercenary The Comic Space Opera by Howard Tayler I m having difficulty summing up my feelings about Alita Battle Angel.In part this is because the family trip to the movies ended up in an argument about whether or not it was a good movie, and the argument was not one of those pleasant discuss the film things, so on that level the film was an utter disaster. United Nations Mercenary Convention The United Nations Mercenary Convention, officially the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, is a United Nations treaty that prohibits the recruitment, training, use, and financing of mercenaries.At the nd plenary meeting on December , the United Nations General Assembly concluded the convention as its resolution . Diablo II Mercenaries Mercenary Facts With the Diablo II Expansion, the hired help has been greatly improved Mercenaries can level up to , but can never level up higher than you. Schlock Mercenary Saturday Feb Logged In Profile Logout Patreon patrons supporting at . or can access new archive browsing options Link your Patreon account in your profile. Change your

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      188 Michele Mannon
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    One thought on “Mercenary”

    1. Five stars all the way, woot woot! Mercenary was one hell of a mind trip. Secret, lies, deception and powerful Oooo's yeah got hot under the collar on this one. Declan, is too damn sexy, dangerous and ruthless for his own good, Michele Mannon can I have a Mercenary?

    2. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.It's Madelyn's 20th birthday and with her acceptance letter to college in hand, all she wants to do is celebrate with her twin sister Kylie. After their mother and father's death though, Kylie has become increasingly distant and now as Madelyn is three days from leaving, she still hasn't heard from Kylie. Thinking the hot guy out in their yard is friends with Ky [...]

    3. Sex, blood, a killer for hire and the naive sister of a black ops soldier on the run for assumed betrayal. Add a deep, dark mystery that is threaded throughout and sizzling erotic romance and, what can I say, looks like Michele Mannon has written herself a page scorching winner with Mercenary.Madelyn is in danger, thanks to her sister’s possible defection and disappearance. Kylie was always the daring one, the brave one and Madelyn was the studious, and quiet one, the timid one who knew nothin [...]

    4. Mercenary is the second book in the Deadliest Lies series by Michele Mannon.Wow! Loved this super-hot, fast-paced and suspenseful read! This was my first book by Michele Mannon and I was really impressed by the story telling and writing style. I’ll definitely read book one in this series and the coming instalments. Cant’ wait for Diego’s story!* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    5. I had thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, Rogue, so when I was offered the opportunity to read an ARC of the second I didn’t hesitate - I jumped at the chance - and I am very glad I did! This is another romantic suspense and continues the story started in the first book - personally I think it helps to have read the first book before this one, but that’s only my opinion.This time it is Kylie’s sister, Madelyn, that is at the centre of much of the action, however unwittingly a [...]

    6. Blood and love make an interesting pairing…Fast-paced. Complicated. At times sexy. Other times, mysterious. All of these can describe this second instalment of the Deadliest Lies series, a story that plays out almost in parallel with the first. If you haven’t read Rogue, do that before starting this one. I read it and, honestly, spent a few times trying to re-orient myself with the characters and the timeline. And it is definitely a story worth spending the time with.Declan is a man on a mis [...]

    7. Rating 3.5Warning: This book includes extreme profanity, super detailed sex and violence. A hot case of good versus evil is what this book will have you feeling. The question isn't answered about the evil or good part until later though. Hot is right from the beginning! Ms. Mannon knows how to keep you hanging. When Declan meets Madelyn he isn't suspecting what he finds. She is innocent and loyal, optimistic and good. He is dark and dangerous and lost his sense of good years ago, if he ever had [...]

    8. Mercenary is what happens when tender love story meets black 0ps thriller. It is also the companion novel to Rogue happening on the same time line and running parallel to the first book so make sure you get them in order for optimal enjoyment.While Rogue focused on Kylie and Jaxson's story, Mercenary turns it's attention to Kylie's sister, Madelyn and Kylie's fellow operative, Declan. Madelyn is the younger sister. The gentle one. The one who looks for, expects, and sees the bright side. She was [...]

    9. "Mercenary", is Ms Mannon's second book in her Deadliest Lies series . In this book the intrigue and suspense continue and the plot line for this story runs concurrent with the plot line from her first book Rogue, this story follows Kylies sister Madelyn and what is going on with herald how what Kylie does affects her life.Never fear you can read this as a standalone and Rogue as a standalone as well .While Kylie is gone and Madelyn is at their trailer on her own wondering if her sister will com [...]

    10. Value 4Panty Scorching 4.5Angst 4Storyline 4Tissue 1Overall Rating 4Holy smokes! This was one high suspense read. I was flipping the pages fast because I had to know what happened. This is book two in a series but can be read as a standalone. Theres some serious chemistry with the characters! LIKE WOW!!!!!! Madelyn and Deacon are freakin smoking hot together. Madelyn is a sweet little innocent thing. She believes the best in people and has a very sunny disposition when it comes to life. Only her [...]

    11. Still a virgin, never been kissed, twenty years old and off to college to study marine biology – Kylie’s sister Madelyn is the heroine of book two in the deadliest lies series that deals with a secret group known as TORC. The alpha hero of this book is Declan - a ruthless assassin that just might have a kernel of humanity buried somewhere inside. Told in first person from both viewpoints this is a fast-paced, intense, scorching story that parallels part of the timeline of the first book. Mad [...]

    12. I originally saw the blurb for Mercenary before I found out about Rogue. I really wanted to read Mercenary and was offered Rogue as well for reviewing. Good thing I did! Word of warning to anyone who hasn't read Rogue before reading Mercenary - don't. These two books run do not run in sequential order, it's more of concurrently. The first book was all about Madelyn’s sister, how she is accused of betraying TORC and getting her lover killed. This book is happening roughly at the same time, so w [...]

    13. "You never run, that's what you told me. But Declan you're running. me."The stone cold killer meets his ultimate match when he gets involved in the muddy waters left behind by Kylie and Jaxson. One his only friend, the othert to be decided yet she holds his friends heart in the palm of her hand. Sent to end the mission any way he can instead he comes face to face with the one thing he never planned on - a woman who melts the ice encasing his heart. Madelyn is Kylie's sister and should be a well [...]

    14. Wow! There was a LOT of heat packed into this book. I had to take a minute to cool down after each scene, because it waswow. I would call this an erotic romance, with lots and lots of spice with some romance sprinkled in to make it a little less insta-lust. Even though that's basically what it was. Love came eventually, but not until after many, many pages ofyou know.Madelyn is on the run. She has no idea what from. All she knows are two things: (1) Her sister is missing, and (2) She has a prote [...]

    15. This book is the second in the Deadliest Lies series, and I would say that you probably shouldn't read it as a stand alone. I read the first in the series and was able to follow along easily, but I think if you only read this book by itself you may end up a little confused as to what is going on at times. If books that contain violence aren't your thing then I would probably skip this one, it IS about mercenaries after all. lol!Madelyn is a bit sheltered and also a naive, trusting, and honest pe [...]

    16. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Mercenary is the second book of the Deadliest Lies series. In this book we learn more about Madelyn, Kylie's sister from the first book, Rogue. Madelyn is unaware of her sister's "secret" life and is getting ready to head off to college on the west coast. Outside of her trailer there is a mysterious man, who unbeknown to her is going to change her life. Declan is drawn to the innocent and naive Madelyn who has no idea the danger she is in. T [...]

    17. ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. Also reviewed for Alina Melinda's ReadsHolly mother of clusterfucks! You really can't trust any of these characters. Now this is the kind of story that if you're not constantly paying attention you will more than probably get lost. At first Mercenary didn't made any sense and the first half of the book confused me. I had to stop and seek a few good reviews for Rogue . Mercenary cannot be read as a stand alone. You need to read the first book, [...]

    18. Madelyn is 20 years old innocent woman going to collage to be a marine biologist, sees a man outside by her door , lets him in cause the weather is bad. The man is sexy as sin and Madelyn can't help herself and wants to know more about him. The man is very quite and tells her you shouldn't have invited me in stay away. Madelyn sister Kylie tells her to leave and then just disappears then the man comes back and brings her to California. Crazy up and down book very suspenseful you never know what' [...]

    19. I sometimes wonder if Madelyn intentionally drives her man bananas to see his possessive side: “Are all ***ks this beautiful?” she asks.“You’ll never find out,” I choke out.She laughs. “I love how you’re so possessive.”With a growl, I roll her onto her back and tug off her shortsI really liked this book, Declan was bossy, an ***, demanding and a total sexy alpha.

    20. via netgalleyDeclan and Madeline oh boy. This book was so freaking good. Declan the bad boy/hero. Umm he can come protect me any day of the week. Declan is a stone cold killer and Madeline is an optimist. Always seeing the good in people, which just keeps pissing Declan off. This was so good cannot wait to read more from this author.

    21. Copy received via Netgalley for an honest reviewI have not read the first in this series, however this did not affect my reading of book 2.There is a heck of a lot going on in Mercenary. From the strange man on her doorstep to the last word, Madelyn and Declan's story is full of mystery, suspense, intrigue and is packing a whole lot of heat.I was never completely sure who is the good guy, who I could trust, and who I liked or didn't like.I did like Declan, even with all his coming and going, faf [...]

    22. Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsAfter reading the first book, Rogue, I came to this book a little better prepared. However, there were still a lot of surprises and things I hadn’t caught in the first story. Mercenary runs concurrently with the first one, but the reader is seeing things from a very different point of view–Kylie’s sister Madelyn.Madelyn had just turned twenty the day the stranger showed up outside the trailer she and her sister had moved into. She was getti [...]

    23. This is the first book I've read by this author and even though it was in the middle of the series I wasn't lost while reading it. It starts right off into the story which I love and it slowly builds as the story progresses.Madelyn has no clue what her sister Kylie has been involved in or that she has brought it right to her and doorstep. Madelyn comes home to celebrate her birthday and finish packing for college when she notices a man across from their trailer. Declan is the mysterious man outs [...]

    24. I was provided a copy of Mercenary via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  First off I didn’t realize this was book 2 in a series when I requested it.  We are given enough backstory that I wasn’t lost. But reading the blurb on book one Rogue, I just felt that I was missing a lot of backstory that I needed for the underlying story in Mercenary.  However, by reading Mercenary first, I am pretty sure the plot is blown for Rouge. I am still going to go back and read it.There are sev [...]

    25. Mercenary is book two in the Deadliest Lies series by Michele Mannon.I really loved the first book in this series, Rogue. It was definitely a hard act to follow, but Mercenary lived up to my expectations . and more. This was such a great story. It was super suspenseful that I stayed up half the night reading. I just couldn't put it down until the end. I loved the way it was written and how it cleared up a few things from before. Most of the events coincide with the first book and the author gave [...]

    26. I received this book from net gallery for an honest review. Wow this book was sexy, dark, intense, yet fast paced. Madelyn is intrigued and attracted to Declan but is he trustworthy? The young, innocent Madelyn has got under his skin, he's drawn to her, wants her and but has he lost his god damn mind! He's a mercenary, a spy who terminates people for a living. He's a cold hearted killer - but will Madelyn see past his deadly exterior? This book was dark yet intense and the suspense throughout ju [...]

    27. Marie's Tempting Reads Netgalley ARC Review:Exciting, thrilling, lip-bitingly good, Mercenary had me on the edge from the sizzling romance and the suspense! I was VERY pleased and happy with this book! I liked the characters and how well their chemistry sizzled and sparked. Declan is sexy beyond belief, with that hidden danger that just pulls you in. God I love a dangerous man that can protect and care for a woman that needs it!I give Mercenary a WHITE HOT FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its bre [...]

    28. Panty Scorching 4.5Angst 4Storyline 4Tissue 1Overall Rating 4Kindle eARC via NetgalleyReviewed by LindseyHoly smokes! This was one high suspense read. I was flipping the pages fast because I had to know what happened. This is book two in a series but can be read as a standalone. There's some serious chemistry with the characters! LIKE WOW!!!!!! Madelyn and Deacon are smoking hot together.Madelyn is a sweet little innocent thing. She believes the best in people and has a very sunny disposition wh [...]

    29. Can you ever feel what real love is? Declan has been taught never to feel love as it gets in the way of your mission. He is a trained killer that always get the job done no matter what but this time things are going to go so wrong. Madelyn knows something is going on when a stranger comes knocking and he is asking about her sister Kylie who is he and what does he want with her? Madelyn is very naïve and she knows nothing of her sister's other life as her sister works with Declan at this secret [...]

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