What I Did for Love Perennial New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips is easily one of the most beloved authors of women s fiction in America and with her wonderfully witty What I Did for Love It s not

  • Title: What I Did for Love
  • Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780061351501
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perennial New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips is easily one of the most beloved authors of women s fiction in America and with her wonderfully witty What I Did for Love.It s not easy being famous when your life is falling apart Georgie York has been dumped by her movie star husband, her own film career is tanking, and her public image as a spunky roPerennial New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips is easily one of the most beloved authors of women s fiction in America and with her wonderfully witty What I Did for Love.It s not easy being famous when your life is falling apart Georgie York has been dumped by her movie star husband, her own film career is tanking, and her public image as a spunky romantic heroine is taking a serious beating.What should a down on her luck actress do NOT go to Vegas NOT run into her detestable former co star dreamboat from hell Bramwell Shepard and NOT get caught up in a ridiculous incident that leads to a calamitous elopement Before she knows it, Georgie A Georgie York EXCLUSIVEhas a fake marriage, fake husband, and maybe or not a fake sex life.It s a paparazzi free for all, and Georgie s non supporting cast doesn t help There s Bram s punk nightmare housekeeper Georgie s pushy parent a suck up agent an icy studio head and her ex husband s new wife, an international do gooder who just might win the stupid Nobel Peace Prize As for Georgie s leading man Bram, with his angel blue eyes and twisted black heart, has never cared about anyone but himself Still, he s giving the performance of his life as man in love thanks to the half a million dollars she s paying him It was official She d married the devil Or had she Two enemies find themselves working without a script in a town where the spotlight shines bright and where the strongest emotions can wear startling disguises.

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    • Unlimited [Children's Book] ↠ What I Did for Love - by Susan Elizabeth Phillips ✓
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      Posted by:Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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    One thought on “What I Did for Love”

    1. This is a novelization of the greatest love triangle of the 21st century, that of Brad, Jennifer and Angelina. I'm only halfway kidding. Co-stars who hated each other get drunk and married in Vegas. Hilarity ensues. The book also features a list of well-known characters, such as Meg Koranda from Call Me Irresistible, Fleur & Jake Koranda from Glitter Baby, and April Robillard from Natural Born Charmer.

    2. I have officially placed Susan Elizabeth Phillips on my favorite author’s pedestal. I love her writing style, her plots are always creative and she works her magic with the development of her characters. SEP also dares to give you supporting characters that could possibly steal the show but instead strengthens the plot and keeps the reader engaged. Georgie York and Bramwell Shepard really do love to hate each other. Their lives were spinning in the same circle for a while as young TV stars. Br [...]

    3. This was discussed earlier in Celeste's review, but I think it is fair to say that What I Did for Love is the author's commentary on Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In fact, it was extremely difficult for me to picture anyone but Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina while reading this book. The similarities are obvious Lance's (Brad Pitt's) interest in architecture. The fact that he leaves his wife while filming a movie with St. Jade (Jolie), a do-gooder that travels worldwide to hel [...]

    4. While I did enjoy this one, it just didn't hit the high notes that her previous books did. What was missing? I have no idea. Maybe the fact that I just finished two really good suspense books this one was just too different maybe. My mind was still on the other books and the fact that I was dying to read the conclusion to the Trilogy (BTW, thank you Sharon for Book 3.)Two enemies find themselves working without a script in a town where the spotlight shines bright . . . and where the strongest [...]

    5. Susan Elizabeth Phillips je zaista odlična i zabavna spisateljica. Više i ne znam u kojoj sam njenoj priči najviše uživala. Sad mi je trenutno na umu samo Bramwell Shepard. ♥ Ovaj glavni junak je pravi selfish asshole -.- a i dalje ga volim.

    6. Creo que me quedan unos cinco libros de todo lo publicado por esta mujer en castellano. y me los voy dosificando. Maravillosa. que diálogos, que chispa y que personajes.he dicho que adoro a SEP?

    7. If writing this craptastic novel is what Ms. Phillips does 'for love' then I can only hope she is more motivated in the future by hatred. I am normally a huge fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips but this book was a total bomb. I found myself skipping pages, hoping that the end would be better. She added a couple side plots that were a lot more interesting than the shallow, self-involved main characters, who had lots of unconvincing sex, no chemistry with one another, and nothing to make me intereste [...]

    8. Review to comeMy favorite quote:“As for your back rubs Study an anatomy book, pal, because what you've been rubbing isn't my back.”

    9. Hehe I am going to start of with my almost common line, "Oh. My. God! I loved it!!!"This book was amazing. The beginning was a bit boring, but still interesting enough to keep me reading. The story got deliciously exciting and let me just tell you that even though the lead characters were a bit twisted, I couldn't hep but love them. Bramwell Shepard, the oh-so-gorgeous actor with those beautiful lavender eyes, amazing body and a mouth that makes you think dirty, he's not only the Hollywood bad b [...]

    10. I’ve read everything by this author, and will without a doubt be first in line to buy her next book. I think this book would have been better titled ‘Ripped from the Headlines!’ The direct similarities to so many true Hollywood tales were abundant! And as someone who doesn’t follow celebrity BS, I wasn’t that entertained. While ‘What I Did For Love’ was a decent read, it wasn’t SEP’s typical great read. The core story is about two young Hollywood TV child stars that grew up to [...]

    11. I’ve given 5 stars to most all of SEP’s books. More than one of her books has landed on that shelf entitled "If you could only keep one." This is my first disappointment and it was a big one.Forget all the Brad/Ang/Jen Hollywood stuff that I could have lived without. Lord knows the Eddie/Liz/Debbie thing was much worse as there were babies involved and Taylor was tragically, really grieving for Mike Todd. (BTW Debbie was baby-sitting Liz’s kids while Liz was being "consoled" by Eddie; how [...]

    12. Ooooh this was a disaster!So I wanted to read something good, ok? I’m in a foul mood – most of the books I’ve read lately were a big disappointment - so I chose something to lift my mood up: SEP. I was having high expectations, of course, but I was sure SEP won’t let me down.Oh hell… she let me down so badlyI hated the book (even though the summary sounded very good); I hated the characters, hated the story and hated the non-existent humor. Booohooo but I’m not in the mood for drama [...]

    13. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what to say? Well, I'll start by saying, I think she fashioned this book (in the beginning at least) after Brad Pit, Jennifer Aniston, and Angalina Jolie! You'll understand if/when you read it! Trust me! If you follow celebrities even a little you'll see the similarities, no problem.I only gave three stars because, while I enjoyed the book, it didn't really grip me and make me feel as if I HAD to continue reading. When I read a book, it generally takes me a day to two days t [...]

    14. Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of the few romance authors I read, and I usually love her books, but this one? Meh. One of her strong suits is humor. I didn't even smile as I trudged through this story with characters based on Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Even the sex scenes are blah. Only one character, Chaz, was remotely interesting. The book reads like it was written to fulfill a contract obligation rather than from the heart. Phillips can do, and has done, much much better [...]

    15. Искрено се забавлявах с тези двамата :D През цялото време тази игра на котка и мишка и саркастичните диалози поддържаха интереса и ми беше интересно какво ще се случи. Имаше и някои изненади, предвид че предварително си бях изградила представа как ще се развие сюжета, но не с [...]

    16. Birbirlerinden nefret eden aynı dizi oyuncularının önce arkadaş, daha sonra da birbirlerine aşık bir çift olmasını anlatan, komik diyalogları ve eğlenceli kurgusuyla müthiş bir kitap daha. Hiç sıkmadan akıp giden bir üslubu da var. Kesinlikle tavsiye edilir.

    17. Not quite up to my favorite SEPs’ standard, but still I liked it as all her stories, characters and atmospheres enthral - irrespective.‘Skip and Scooter’ was a nice touch with a fascinating world and story of their own. All the secondary characters were well drawn, with the ubiquitous older strong female character/s also thrown in (thankfully not the H’s ex!).Secondary romances also checked out.As for the h/H themselves, they start out strong but lose momentum midway. The 3rd act could h [...]

    18. 4 stelline e mezzo!Sul blog trovate la mia recensione qui ----> leggereromanticamente/Vi ricordo che l'autrice nel 2018 sarà alla #Rare18Rome!

    19. I liked the anticipation and emotions I felt while reading this bookORY BRIEF:Georgie and Bram starred in a TV sitcom for eight years. Bram was unreliable due to drugs, alcohol and sex. Georgie initially liked Bram but he hurt her during his bad boy days. Now they dislike/hate each other. Georgie is a good girl. Everyone loves her. She married Lance an A list movie star. Lance had an affair, divorced Georgie and married Jade (think Angelina Jolie). Georgie is tired of everyone feeling sorry for [...]

    20. Suzan mi je jedna od omiljenih autorki i obožavam sve njene knjige koje sam pročitala. Priče su uvek zanimljive i smešne, a knjige se brzo i sa uživanjem čitaju.Ova knjiga mi se dopala odmah pri samom čitanju sinopsisa. Ona popularna glumica, on posrnuli glumac, partneri iz popularne serije, mrze se, a u braku. Volim takve zavrzlamice, poslovne dogovore koji se na kraju završe sa "i živeli su srećno do kraja života". :)Iako je Brem stvarno sebičan i misli samo na sebe, meni se sviđa [...]

    21. I am a very big fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and really love her work. I have read all her books, but this one just doesn't work. It is sort of like buying a pair of shoes and one of them is a half size smaller than the other; so even though you love the shoesyou can't enjoy wearing them. Ok, this is a dumb analogy but that is what came to mind and how it feels reading this book. The characters, Bram and Georgie, just don't work for me. And it is so obviously the story of Anniston/Pit/Jolie, [...]

    22. At one point, I put this down with the intent never to pick it up again. I'd even started my scathing review where I castigated Bram in my accustomed, semi-florid manner. But I wanted to be extra-special scathing about what a complete waste he is and figured that evidence was only a chapter or two away so I picked it up again. And didn't put it down until I'd stayed up way too late and finished it.So, uh, yeah.The thing is, I fell for Georgie almost immediately because she's so sweet and kind an [...]

    23. This book wasn't brilliant. while it was characteristic Susan Elizabeth Phillips, it wasn't her best. so why couldn't I put it down? it's almost embarrassing--it's been awhile since I stayed up late finishing a book--why was this the one? I just didn't want to put it down. some of her similes, metaphores, and other descriptions are awkward (like early in the book when she says surfers in the ocean float "like fetuses in amniotic fluid"--so weird!) but somehow the overall book caused me to suspen [...]

    24. As a young TV star, Georgie's first love was her co-star Bram. Back then he was completely self absorbed and after he took her virginity he walked out on her, leaving her alone and humiliated. Fast forward 10 years and Georgie's husband has left her for a saint, she's had three box office flops and is looking a little frayed around the edges. She runs away from Hollywood only to run into Bram and after a drunken tryst finds herself wedded to him. He's still the bad boy she loathes but she's desp [...]

    25. Loved this! I love how this author is able to make you hate the hero at first but totally fall in love with him by the end of the book. Loved the epilogue for this one!

    26. TROVATE LA RECENSIONE SUL BLOG: newadultedintorni/ Che dire se non il genio è genio, la SEP è la SEP, e per me ha acquisito di diritto, già da tempo, un posto d'onore sul podio tra le mie tre autrici preferite, e non molla, non si sposta di una virgola. La regina del romance. Per me è un porto sicuro, una lettura che non può deludere. I suoi plot sono interessanti, le sue ambientazioni originali, i suoi intrecci ti tengono impegnata, i suoi personaggi sono sfaccettati, tridimensionali. Sfid [...]

    27. This book is pretty much a spin-off of Jennifer Aniston's real life story. A funny-face, sitcom-princess marries and then is dumped by the best looking actor in Hollywood. He leaves her for an actress famous for her unusual beauty and dedication to world humanitarian works. The story begins after the divorce, when Georgie (the heroine) accidentally gets drugged by a groupie in LV and wakes up married to her former sitcom costar - a man she detests and who treats her really, really badly.The book [...]

    28. September 19-20, 2012Oh man. This book pretty dang good! See my review belowFebruary 26, 2009WARNING: This book is a steamy romance novel!!!It was SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE though! I REALLY loved it. I couldn't put it down! Like, I tried, but my earphones had fused to my ears!I don't read a lot of modern romances, but this one was awesome. Okay, so the premise is that Georgie (who was basically Jennifer Aniston, except she was a teen star on a hit sitcom) recently divorced from her ex-husband (esse [...]

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