The Sleeping God Masters of weapons and martial arts Mercenaries Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane have just saved one of the Marked those gifted with special powers from a mob that appears to be under the influ

  • Title: The Sleeping God
  • Author: Violette Malan
  • ISBN: 9780756404468
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Masters of weapons and martial arts, Mercenaries Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane have just saved one of the Marked, those gifted with special powers, from a mob that appears to be under the influence of a priest of the Sleeping God Learning that this is not an isolated incident and realizing that Dhulyn s own unique gift will make them a target, the two take ship forMasters of weapons and martial arts, Mercenaries Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane have just saved one of the Marked, those gifted with special powers, from a mob that appears to be under the influence of a priest of the Sleeping God Learning that this is not an isolated incident and realizing that Dhulyn s own unique gift will make them a target, the two take ship for safer climes Once ashore the partners take on a seemingly simple mission of escorting a young woman to distant relatives But not even Dhulyn s talent can warn them of the threat that awaits at the far end of their journey.

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    One thought on “The Sleeping God”

    1. This is a story of mercenary partners, but though there is plenty of both sword and sorcery to be found there was also rather more political intrigue than I expected, along with ethical and unethical scholarship, one (1) eldritch body-snatching horror from another dimension determined to kill all of the mages who could harm it, and a bit of romance between secondary characters. The central Partnership could be read as either romantic or intensely platonic- it is explicitly not a marriage, and Dh [...]

    2. Dhulyn (Dill-lyn") and Parno are Mercenary Brothers, and Partners. The Mercenaries are elite fighters, a guild that crosses continents with a long history of nobility and honour. Being Partnered, they also share a bond that cannot be severed.Having finished one commission, they arrive in Imrion, Parno's birthplace, to find that the Marked - those people born with the ability to Find, Mend or Heal - are being persecuted by angry mobs and New Believers, Jaldean priests who have branched off from t [...]

    3. Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane, members of the Mercenary Brotherhood, hired to escort a young orphaned woman to the House of her family in a distant city. What could possibly go wrong?Engaging characters and a first glimpse of an interesting world -- I enjoyed this one and look forward to following their further adventures.

    4. decent light reading fantasy about mercenary soldiers who while escorting a cousin of a noble family find themselves involving in an plot to dispose the king and also a plot by an alien monster who is shapeless and inhabits the bodies of the citizens. The alien at this time is inhabiting the bodies of the head of the priesthood and using its minions to try to capture Marked individuals -- that is individuals with special talents as healers, menders and finders, because these people can destroy i [...]

    5. Admittedly, I picked up this book because I liked the cover. Nice color, cool picture of a male/female pair of warriors. I read the back cover, thought the story sounded interesting (I've got a thing for mercenaries), and bought it. I was definitely not disappointed. Sometimes judging a book by its cover actually works! The two main characters, Dhulyn and Parno, are compelling; the supporting characters are great as well. And the story puts this book in the "don't want to put it down" category.

    6. This book is tough for me to review. On one hand I really enjoyed it. it reminded me of Moira J. Moore's "Heroes" series except a little more series and more blood and death.Dhulyn - pronounced Dillon -- and Parno are Brothers. Mercenary Brothers. Their bond (like Taro's and Lee's) is a difficult one to explain and one, as a reader, I'm not exactly sure what it entails. They are best friends, soul mates (possibly literally carrying around the soul of the other???), sometimes lovers (not too clea [...]

    7. I had to stop around page 250. This book was awful, for several reasons. My main gripe concerns the characters, who all have really bizarre and forgettable names. It took me a hundred pages into the book before I could discern between the two main characters. The woman's name, Dhulyn (pronounced "Dillin"), fit the man (Parno) better than his own name. The way the two act is also so interchangeable that it was pretty easy to get them mixed up. The author made it even worse by switching between th [...]

    8. This was a Tor recommendation and it ticked a few of my boxes. Firstly it was an epic fantasy series that I haven't read (or even heard about before). Secondly it was by a female author which gets extra points as I'm pretty much over male authors at this point in time, particularly new male authors who write 'grimdark' (yuck and double yuck). Thirdly it has a female protagonist. So how could I resist? Particularly with a holiday coming up and a kindle to fill.I think the fact that I downloaded t [...]

    9. Rather than sitting the characters down for a history lesson they already know, Violette Malan introduces her world through the actions and personalities of her protagonists. And the actions begin with a well orchestrated scape goating campaign by the New Believers, a sect of the Sleeping God’s priesthood, against the Marked, those with special abilities to Heal, Find, Mend and See. Enter Dhulyn Wolfshead, mercenary partner of Parno Lionsmane and a carefully hidden Seer. They have returned to [...]

    10. I love Dhulyn and Parno. I was unsure of this book at first, but the duo quickly won me over and I eagerly await their next adventures. Dhulyn and Parno novels are on my radar. It was so refreshing to read about two people so effortlessly devoted to each other and the lack of conflict between them only adds to the story. You want to know more about this remarkable duo. I won't lie, being a woman I was secretly thrilled that Dhulyn was senior brother.

    11. A light, fun read, and the final solution is something I've toyed around with on my own fiction projects, so I was particularly delighted to find it here. Still the instances of "In Battle and/or in Death" began to grate a little by the end.

    12. I love the characters. Dhulyn and Parno feel so real to me. I usually read heavy epics and needed a break, but I didn't want to leave the genre. This was a quick read, packed with epic adventure, and and fun. Loved the twist as I wasn't expecting the sleeping god to be who it ended up being.

    13. A fantastic new book from a fantastic new author. Each book is a self contained story in an overarching world that contains a ocntinuous story line. More detail to come

    14. This novel had a pretty good premise, decent characterization, and an engaging narrative voice. It was, in general, pretty well written, and I kinda liked quite a few characters.A couple of those characters I liked got killed off like throwing out old socks that had developed holes in the toes, which wasn't exactly fun. Some of the villainy stuff involved felt a bit thin at times, but at other times it felt like it had some depth to it. All in all, this was a solid three stars ("liked it") on th [...]

    15. Original review of mine at :I'm just in the middle of reading The Sleeping God, which I honestly bought on the strength of the cover illustration and the general description at .It's quest fantasy and the two heroes are mercenaries (with secrets in their personal history), so there is the "one more take" feeling - but I do like quest fantasies when done well, and most of the time there isn't a feeling of unalterable doom (a la LOTR) or the fate of the world will be decided (a la Belgariad). The [...]

    16. I really wish I could have liked the story more. The cover is amazing and immediately caught my attention. The book starts out really good and I was happy to have found a little gem. The world building is very well done and kept me going for a while. Unfortunately, the story begins to loose its appeal after around 150 pages. The plot is okay, if a bit cheesy and even without reading the ending first one can easily guess how the story is going to continue and will finally end.But the main problem [...]

    17. My main issues are with Dhulyn & Parno being billed to among the greatest warriors known ,but there are only a few fight scenes. Malan makes it clear in the book and builds the prowess of the Dhulyn and Parno but just doesn't deliver or back it up enough. The few battle scenes in the book are glossed over and end quickly which doesn't seem to be consistent with her two battle loving main characters. The pacing was also off amd again I have to point to the main characters not being involved i [...]

    18. A well-plotted book with a slightly slow beginning and a too drawn out ending.I liked all the House intrigue and plotting but, in my opinion, the book would've benefited from being shorter - it's 476 pages long - and more condensed. Also, the POV jumps - please, authors, please, don't jump between people's POV from one paragraph to another. It's confusing as hell when I can't be certain who is actually talking before I see the speaker's name.I loved the characters - but there is a "but" again. I [...]

    19. I had a real hard time getting through this book. On paper the plot and the characters are all that I could ask for, but I felt like something was missing. At the very beginning the two main characters already have an established relationship and years of living together. You get no real flashback or history of how they met or how their lives got to this point. It's almost as if this is a second book of a series. It made it hard to care what happens to these people not knowing anything about the [...]

    20. A story of political machinations complicated by demon possession, ancient conflicts and long lost heirs. This is a good solid fantasy story. The characters come to life with a verity of concerns and desires that seem totally reasonable for people with their back stories. Violette keeps the pace moving and the reader guessing as villains become victims and heroes stumble. The skill set of the lead characters is impressive and reminiscent of actual warrior casts from the history of our world. The [...]

    21. Dhulyn Wolfshead is a Seer who is partnered and Bonded with Parno Lionsmane and both are Mercenary Brothers. They return from an assignment across the ocean and discover that those who have talents like Dhulyn are categorized as Marked and are being targeted and persecuted at the behest of followers of the Jaldeans. Insiduous influences combine to force them to go to the capital city of Gotterang as escort for a young women who is a member of one of the ruling Houses. They become embroiled in mu [...]

    22. As with any new series, there is a little bit of time getting 'into' the book. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.Even though I struggled a little at first with the "different font" that indicated different visions by several different people, once the light went ON in my brain about what was being seen and which were futures and which were pasts, I became quite enamored with the book. I believe that it was not through any issue with the writer in this case, but with the read [...]

    23. Sword and sorcery fantasy done quite very well. I particularly liked the mercenary culture. Heavy on action and political intrigue, lighter on the character interactions (alas, as I'm particularly fond of character interactions), backstory somewhat uneven — perhaps to be filled in later novels.Three and half stars. I didn't quite fall madly in love with it, but I very much look forward to reading more about these characters.Related reviews:The Mirror Prince

    24. First in a series, featuring Dhulyn Wolfshead and her Mercenary Partner, Parno Lionsmane. They hire on to escort a young woman to the capitol city, but things turn strange when it appears that a priest of the Sleeping God is looking for Marked people - those gifted with such powers as the ability to Find, to Mend, To Heal, to See - and their charge is one of these. Not to mention the secrets that each mercenary holds close.Nice plot, that doesn't drag, nice character development, and a denouemen [...]

    25. Great world-building in this fantasy. I liked the concept of the Mercenary Brothers (who BTW could be women, too) and their Partners who were "together in Battle or in Death". I liked the different categories of the Marked (Finders, Healders, Menders and Seers) and the naming customs in Imrion. I loved how a lot of separate things came together in the ending to wake the Sleeping God and defeat the Green Shadow.Quibble: The pacing was a bit slow in places, and Dhulyn's visions sometimes telegraph [...]

    26. This entire book was carried on the backs of its main characters - Dhulyn and Parno. There were some things in the story that were a little shaky, but the Dhulyn and Parno are so wonderful that I kept reading just to find out how they solved their predicament.There are things I wish were explained more fully, and some plot points I feel were handled a little too simply.Still, a fantastic read, and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the series.

    27. I bought this book over a year ago and I regret not getting to it sooner. Somewhat cliché in plot, but I loved the characters and the world that Violette has created. I'm excited to read more, and I hope we see more of a certain Steward of Walls in books to come!

    28. First time I've read of a female lead in a fantasy, and it's not ultimately a love story. Actually, I'm just reading book 1, so I shouldn't say that, but it's refreshing and exciting. The plot is good enough to keep your attention, no boring moments.

    29. I really enjoyed the unique universe which allowed the relationship between Dyllan, Parno and the rest of the "cast!" The storyline was fast paced and the characters kept me engaged! All in all, a good read!

    30. I really liked the characters in this book. They were a new take on the contract warrior you see in some fantasy books.

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