Battle Royale Vol Battle Royale a high octane thriller about senseless youth violence in a dystopian world it is one of Japan s best selling and most controversial novels As part of a ruthless program by the totalita

  • Title: Battle Royale, Vol. 01
  • Author: Koushun Takami Masayuki Taguchi Keith Giffen Tomo Iwo
  • ISBN: 9781591823148
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Battle Royale, a high octane thriller about senseless youth violence in a dystopian world, it is one of Japan s best selling and most controversial novels As part of a ruthless program by the totalitarian government, ninth grade students are taken to a small isolated island with a map, food, and various weapons Forced to wear special collars that explode when they brBattle Royale, a high octane thriller about senseless youth violence in a dystopian world, it is one of Japan s best selling and most controversial novels As part of a ruthless program by the totalitarian government, ninth grade students are taken to a small isolated island with a map, food, and various weapons Forced to wear special collars that explode when they break a rule, they must fight each other for three days until only one winner remains The elimination contest becomes the ultimate in must see reality television A Japanese pulp classic available in English for the first time, Battle Royale is a potent allegory of what it means to be young and survive in today s dog eat dog world The first novel by small town journalist Koushun Takami, it went on to become an even notorious film by 70 year old director Kinji Fukusaku.

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      184 Koushun Takami Masayuki Taguchi Keith Giffen Tomo Iwo
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    One thought on “Battle Royale, Vol. 01”

    1. Let me start off by giving a tip for people who are looking into the Battle Royale franchise and doesn't know what media to go into first: Start with the novel, then watch the movie and then indulge yourself in the manga. My reasons? When you start with the novel, you'll begin with no visual aid. You don't have the characters in the movie and/or manga in your mind. It's only you and your imagination which makes things very fun. The story can be as tame or as graphic as you want it to be! Next, t [...]

    2. I read this manga and the novelization at the same time and I really liked this first volume of the Manga. It's quite amazing for a Manga. It's very graphic and gory, but you probably know what you are getting into when you decide to read a Manga like "Battle Royale". Comparing manga to the novel, some parts are different. Certain scenes and events are more dramatic or more romantic. I usually think nothing can come close to the original novel, whether it's a movie or a Manga, but this Manga is [...]

    3. Ok, I'm not a massive manga fan and I bought this on a really random whim to find out what the fuss was about and wow. Seriously, this is not a nice book by any means but it is incredible in a must-know-what-happens-next way. It's full of very graphic (well, it is manga) sex and violence, disturbing scenes of mental illness and a horrifying look at the depths of human depravity. But it also has hope against the odds, and friendship, and love.This is a series that spans many issues and will take [...]

    4. Ever since I heard that some of the Eastern world (or manga-reading world) had accused Suzanne Collins of ripping off the immensely popular Battle Royale, I had it in my (long) list of books I wanted to read. Then, after years of languishing on that list well, I never could quite get up the commitment to read it, since it is long, and well, I kind of felt I knew the point: Adults force kids to kill kids. And they do. But Takami also wrote the manga series based on his own book, so I felt a littl [...]

    5. Death Note dan sonra iyi bir manga okumamıştım. Okuyacağımı da zannetmiyordum. Taki Battle Royale a kadar. Çizimler, konu ve gerilim muazzam.

    6. This is not as special as I'd expected, I'm sorry but the comparison is inevitable and its successor (THG trilogy) is actually much better.

    7. Review ini adalah sekaligus untuk keseluruhan seri-nya yang kelar saya baca versi online manga-nya dalam waktu kurang dari 1 minggu. *lap keringet* :DPertama-tama, tentang buku ini: Setelah selesai membaca versi manga Battle Royale ini (saya belum baca novelnya, eniwei), harus saya akui kalau saya GAK PERCAYA Suzanne Collins SAMA SEKALI GAK PERNAH membaca/menonton novel/manga/film Battle Royale.Dude, terlalu banyak kemiripan secara konsep antara The Program (nama "game" yang ada di Battle Royale [...]

    8. I thought I would like this more than I did. I've seen the movie, I just finished reading the novel yesterday, and so far the manga leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe I'd like it better in the original Japanese (time to start practicing my kanji again?).I don't like the way a lot of the characters are introduced (Shinji, for instance, doesn't come off very likeable). Shuya's flashbacks are annoying and detract from the story. I also don't like the changes they made to the Program Instructor. For [...]

    9. Would have rated it higher, but it was very violent and graphic (didn't like those bits).Everyone says this is the orginal Hunger Games, but I sort of disagree. Yes, both books have a TV game show where the contestants fight to the death, but other than this there couldn't be more different. The Hunger Games were created to show that no one is safe from the governemnt, and to give the people in the Capitol some entertainment. However, there seems to be little glory in winning, losing or competet [...]

    10. A gratuitously violent, needlessly panty-shot-filled manga version of the disturbingly amusing movie. The storyline of the movie remains--a class of ninth-graders in a distopian future Japan is forced to participate on a TV show called "The Program," for which they must hunt down and kill each other until only one "winner" remains. You'd think, what with the extra time to develop characters and pacing, this version would in some ways be more engaging than the movie; however, our hero Shuuya's ba [...]

    11. Whoa okay, this is certainly a promising start for something that can be truly awesome.This, from what I gather, is essentially like The Hunger Games, which I admittedly have zero interest in reading but this first volume of Battle Royale was pretty awesome. I think the reason why I can dig it is because it IS in graphic format so I can see all the blood, guts, gore, and all manner of other horrible, terrible things. Call me strange, but I love seeing horrific things. And friends, there is no la [...]

    12. Starting to read Battle Royale by Koshun Takami, there is a sense that you are approaching something more than a book and closer to an institution. Battle Royale has it's roots in a novel, which birthed two movies and two manga series, not to mention its obvious thematic successor, the very susccessful Hunger Game trilogy. There's obviously something very compelling about the story or themes that Battle Royale has brought to light.The quick plot overview is that 40 teenagers are gassed and sent [...]

    13. It's 82° Fahrenheit outside, yet I have chills down my spine. This is definitely NOT for the faint hearted!! I've seen it compared to the likes of Hunger Games and although there are some similarities, do not be fooled! Hunger Games is PG rated compared to this. That ends with pretty flowers and rainbows. ThisTHIS is full on gore galore. It's shockingly frightening and awfult (I hate to admit) awesome. The story is disturbing but in a good way (if a disturbing story can ever be said to be good [...]

    14. Primer tomo de quince para Battle Royale. Lo que podría verse como Lord of the flies pero mucho más violento. Japón no es más lo que fue, tan solo un archipiélago dominado por un feroz régimen militar. Como parte de un plan para demostrar las malas influencias norteamericanas se crea una suerte de reality. Al llegar al tercer año de la secundaria sin previo aviso el contingente entero en lo que creen es su viaje de egresados son llevados a una isla donde son obligados a matarse salvándos [...]

    15. Still super disturbing to me eventhough this is my 2nd attempt at tackling this story. The story makes me angry and I am not sure if I'll continue reading the rest of the volumes. I just can't stomach unrestrained violence and too much gore. Just too much senseless killings for me. *shudder*The art isn't working for me too. I find the characters fugly. Eeks! >_<Story wise, it was pretty intense and original. So I would say, it's not the fault of the story that I dislike this, therefore I a [...]

    16. Battle Royale mangaversiona. Ensimmäisessä osassa esitellään paljon hahmoja ja "The Program" -reality-tv-ohjelman säännöt. Lähitulevaisuuden Japaniin sijoittuvassa tarinassa yksi yhdeksäsluokka valitaan lottoarvonnalla joka kausi ohjelmaan, jonka pääperiaatteena on lähettää nuoret areenalle tappamaan toisiaan ja vain yksi voi selvitä voittajana. Tiesin kyllä, että Nälkäpeleissä oli paljon samaa kuin tässä, mutta yllätyksekseni yhtäläisyyksiä olikin aika paljon. Pitäisi [...]

    17. 1/10[Recensione per l'intera serie]Credo che avvicinarmi all'universo di Battle Royale proprio dal manga non sia stata un'idea brillante: mi si dice che il romanzo è molto bello, o comunque godibile senza troppe pretese, mentre questa serie è tra le più indegne porcate che mi siano mai capitate in mano, al di sotto delle mie più fosche previsioni. Innanzitutto, i disegni sono orripilanti: un miscuglio raffazzonato di stile orientale e occidentale che arriva dritto dagli anni settanta, per di [...]

    18. I'm trying to get my feelings and thoughts in order right now. I finally decided to check Battle Royale out to see what makes it so amazing and I think I've read far enough to be able to make a review. I'm not yet finished but having reached Chapter 40, I believe I now have the right to share my thoughts. But before I continueWarning: gory scenes are a given, swear words come out ever so often, and there are scenes definitely not for children!We-ell, I don't see what's the big deal of comparing [...]

    19. Some notes and impressions (subject to revision as I continue through the series).Note: I actually read the "Ultimate" edition which contained the first 3 volumes.Short AnswerGood--if not terribly original--action, seinen manga if you skim the numerous flashbacks.Note: I'm going to read the novel and see what the differences are.OriginalityThe themes and story ideas raised in this book are not terribly original. Lord of the Flies dealt with the total loss of civilized behavior among children eve [...]

    20. I read this because I'm so obsessed with The Hunger Games and I heard that this was basically the same story in graphic novel form. Sure enough The Hunger Games has many similarities to this book. Since I’ve already read a similar story, a lot of the suspense is lacking for me. It turns out that I actually rely on the characterization & world-building of The Hunger Games, and I feel that is kind of lacking here. Can I talk about this book without talking about the Hunger Games? E-Gads. The [...]

    21. 119 manga chapters in about 3 days is definitely a new record for me! This was an awesome manga, the premise is simple: the government picks a random 9th grade class, sends them to an unknown location and force them to kill each other while they broadcast it to the whole country. I thought we were gonna get an inside on "WHY THE FUCK would you send a bunch of 9th graders to kill each other? Ratings? Money?" but at the end I think it wasn't really needed, it spoke for itself.Sometimes I would sto [...]

    22. Depois de ler os 15 volumes deste mangá já clássico, posso dizer que o investimento de tempo e de grana valeram a pena. A obra satisfaz mais do que decepciona. É uma narrativa longa, mas que desperdiça poucas páginas com material ruim. Os elementos que de fato prendem o leitor são o desenvolvimento dos personagens, por meio de vários pontos de vistas e flashbacks, e o suspense, cheio de reviravoltas e ganchos muito eficientes. O casamento entre ilustrações e texto é impressionante, pr [...]

    23. The best thing about the manga is that it doesn't hold back anything. Both the novel and the movie are intense andeeshat times, but the manga takes it to another level altogether. There's even a little 'parental warning' label on the front, because of a) the gore and b) Mitsuko Souma.One of the best things about the manga is, because it's like a fifteen volume series, it can take the characters and flesh them out a little bit more. The novel did a good job of it, but it's already pretty long and [...]

    24. Oh, I really liked this.For so many reasons I feel that I shouldn't have, but I really, really did.The premise has been looked at more than once--whether or not this was the first to propose the idea I do not know--but it cannot be denied that Battle Royale has seriously got something.The story is very dark, very bloody, and very edgy. Expect to be disturbed at least a little. I'd like to highlight the rating again: mature. And for good reasons.Not only is it explicit with gore and brutality, bu [...]

    25. Heard about this story after reading "The Hunger Games," but that was almost a year ago. When I saw the manga at Half Price Books, I got excited, but I had no idea how riveting, violent and thought provoking this story would be. I hate to compare this to the Hunger Games, but if I have to, I'd say it is the Hunger Games' concept turned up times 10! It's awesomeightening, but awesome. As far as The Hunger Games go, my initial assessment is that the main difference between the two lies in the pov [...]

    26. I really wish people would stop comparing BR to The Hinger Games! Can I just say that? By comparing the two we get a lot of "can't believe how gory and disturbing BR was, Hunger Games wasn't like that!" To anyone who thought this was way to graphic and can't handle the violence and disturbed nature of it hasn't read a lot of Japanese horror, that's how they do it. They're twisted. If you don't like it, don't read it. That being said, I love how twistedly disturbed the Japanese are and I couldn't [...]

    27. I have read this manga many years ago. I forgot it till the THG series occurred and I just realized I have read something similar before. I was a very young boy when I firstly read it and was ashamed to say how much I liked Battle royale, but now that I have found it and going to re-read it, I proudly say that I like this series, even though it is so gore and full of violence (some times unnecessary scenes), but it doesn't stuck in a straight and boring plot line of find and kill, or hide. We kn [...]

    28. Having read the novel (and not overly interested in watching the film) I was keen to have a look at the Manga. I am not disappointed. The drawing is very well done, the moody and atmospheric scenes were nicely depicted. I am keen to see how the Manga looks at scenes that stick in my head form the novel including the lighthouse and the final scenes. I have read the Hunger Games (but, again, no intention to watch the film) and I am glad that they are very different - Battle Royale is very good (so [...]

    29. No tengo experiencias con los comics así que no sabía cuando darle. Le di 3 porque solo es una introducción a la historia: nos muestra como son los protagonistas antes de ser seleccionados para "El Programa". #TeamMitsukoSeguiré leyendo estos comics y espero leer el libro pronto.

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