Vom D mon verweht Nach ihrem letzten Sieg ber das B se hofft Kate Connor sich wieder ihren Pflichten als Mutter Hausfrau und Ehefrau widmen zu k nnen Doch pl tzlich macht sich ein D mon aus dem Altersheim Richtung Hi

  • Title: Vom Dämon verweht
  • Author: Julie Kenner Franziska Heel
  • ISBN: 9783453532847
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nach ihrem letzten Sieg ber das B se hofft Kate Connor, sich wieder ihren Pflichten als Mutter, Hausfrau und Ehefrau widmen zu k nnen Doch pl tzlich macht sich ein D mon aus dem Altersheim Richtung Highschool auf, in der sich Kates Tochter Allie aufh lt Das Schlimmste bef rchtend heftet sich Kate an seine Fersen und st t dabei auf ein geheimnisvolles Buch

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    One thought on “Vom Dämon verweht”

    1. This book was just as good as the first one, however, I must pick on one thing because it's one of those things that COULD SO EASILY BE CORRECTED BEFORE PUBLISHING THAT IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.It's redundancyI hate it.How many times do you think it should take to get the point across that the heroine, Kate, loves her family and wants to protect her family from the demons that she has to hunt? Hmm? How many times do we need the character to get mad and say something like, "Demons? At my daughter's sch [...]

    2. Another very cute installment. These books are fun, light and absolutely hysterical. As in the first book-- I think Kate's character is entertaining and likable and has the greatest sarcastic internal dialog. Will be interested in seeing what exactly Kate tells Allie and what the reaction is:)I'm looking forward to getting ahold of the next one!

    3. Book two of a great series. I am really glad that Kate has someone to confide in; and now she has expanded her network again. Maybe not as she would like, but she almost had to know it would happen.The action starts on page one and travels through to the end at a frantic and frenetic pace. Of one of the new story lines I wonder (as she does) should she have moved on as quickly as she had or did she fail Eric. I have a feeling this will resolve itself throughout the rest of the series. So I'm not [...]

    4. In this follow-up to 2006's Carpe Demon, we return to San Diablo, California, a small quiet suburb outside Los Angeles, where Suburban housewife and Level Four Demon Hunter Kate Conner is on the job. On one hand, she's trying to keep house for her husband, teenage daughter, and toddler son, while on the other, she's hunting down a demon who just took over the body of an old man and escaped the old age home!But Kate's up against more than she can handle when it turns out that the special guest ap [...]

    5. I have a few small beefs with the writing itself, like the repitition (though I didn't find it as bothersome as another reviewer). But aside from that, I really enjoyed this book. I agree that it's like a soccer-mom Buffy in the way that Kate is leading just a normal life, being a mom, she's on the PTA, etc. But then also she's fighting evil as a Demon Hunter, has been basically all her life, grew up training, etc. Only a few people close to her know it, and they pitch in and do what they can to [...]

    6. Just another fun read that made me smile. It's so outlandish, but you have to enjoy a kick butt soccer mom. What I like about Kate Connor though is that she is not obnoxious like Stephanie Plum. I mean, they are both basically humorous, light, "chick lit", but Kate has a degree of class. I genuinely like her. Stephanie Plum is one of those people I'd roll my eyes at :)

    7. I read the first book in this series (Carpe Demon) in October 2007 as a library loan, and had the next book on my wish list. I was finally given it a few months ago, and finished reading it today. I feel rather silly waiting this long to get around to it.[return][return]California Demon is just as much fun as its predecessor. Kate Connor, mother of a teenager and a toddler, has a secret. She used to be a demon hunter for a division of the Vatican. She thought she had retired - especially since [...]

    8. Julie Kenner hit the repetitive mark in this one very, very quickly. Through the first sixty pages or so, I honestly wasn't sure if I wanted to keep toughing through the book, since the parts of her writing style that bothered me in her first book drove me close to insane in this one. Despite the annoying repetition - yes, Kate, we get it, you have mommy guilt, you love your husband. I know. I KNOW - I was actually pretty entertained by this book once the plot really took over. While the big plo [...]

    9. I do enjoy these stories. Fun reads, interesting characters and situations. That being said, I felt this book was padded way too much with 'everyday' dialogue. I couldn't see how it moved the story forward. Also, I do not like when an author gives a small child a 'voice'. I usually find the dialogue stilted, cutsie mispronounced words annoying and way too old for peers in their age group. This book had alot of child dialogue from the heroine's 2 year old. Also, I can't see the point of why this [...]

    10. I'm getting the HUGEST kick out of this series, because it reminds me of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in a LOT of ways! This is the second book in the series, and it deals a lot with what you would (or wouldn't) do for your kids, your spouse, or your friends if you had to. The last few pages are *unbelieveable* because it's got SO much action that you'll wish your brain was light-speed fast to get to it, but a satisfying end! Can't wait for #3!

    11. I seldom put a book back unfinished, but this just didn't hold my interest. Not my type of book, although the humor was evident in the small portion I did read. I love fiction, losing myself in stories, but I just couldn't sink into this one.

    12. A fun, breezy read filled with mystery, teenage angst, and toddle antics. All in a day's work for a suburban soccer mom who has a secret demon hunter side job. Ready for the next in the series.

    13. Fun, frolicking, demon-hunting family fun. It is a solid cross between Supernatural and Gilmore Girls.

    14. Kate is back, juggling the life of a soccer mom and now a full time demon hunter – dedicated to ridding the city of infernal monsters and keep it safe for her children. In between doing the shopping, taking her daughter to the mall, getting her 3 year old in child care and ensuring there’s a meal on the table. Add in that her husband is running for office which means she hardly ever sees him as he runs around for campaign donations – and she’s inevitably dragged into important social occ [...]

    15. CALIFORNIA DEMON By JULIE KENNER BerkleyJune 2006Kate Connor, Demon Hunter extraordinaire, was officially out of retirement for fifteen-plus years. She worked for a super-secret arm of the Vatican known as Forz. She and her late husband, Eric, moved to San Diablo, California, the most demon free place on earth because of the Cathedral there, whose mortar is enriched with the bones of Saints. Recently a demon attacked Kate in her kitchen and she learned that the High Demon Goramesh was in San Dia [...]

    16. CD is where chick lit meets fantasy fiction. Like all other chick lit its women oriented, funny with adequate amount of punch lines thrown in every few pages and has some semblence to a plot. The fantasy fiction part comes in where our heroine instead of being a shopaholic or glamorous elitist is a demon hunter. Pretty much like how the book tagline goes ” What if Buffy grew up and became a mom”In brief about the plot, Katherine Connor, is a forty something mom, living in suburban California [...]

    17. I really have to say, I just might have found a brand new favorite series. "California Demon" is a great follow up to book one of the Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom. Although I much admit none of the main characters children are involved in soccer.This time Kate does not get a reprieve as a new demon is threatening to reel chaos in the small town of San Diablo. To make matters worse, Kate receives a mysterious key that leads her to a safety deposit box opened by her dead husband, Eric [...]

    18. Reviewed by MarissaBook received at AAD (Authors After Dark) 2013Review originally posted at Romancing the BookI always enjoy the writing of Julie Kenner, whether the story is about super heroes saving the world from evil, a kill or be killed cyber game or a hot erotic romance. It does help if you read the series in order but I haven’t read the first one (yet!) and I don’t think I missed it too much. There was just enough explanation to get me through the who’s and why’s to answer my que [...]

    19. This is actually 2.5 stars rounded up because, while the book wasn't awful, it wasn't that great either. I found it very repetitive. There were a lot of similarities between this book and the first in the series and also the same things being said or thought over and over again in this one - she loves her husband sooo much, when did her daughter grow up?, she feels guilty for dumping her kid at day care, etc I will say that some of my annoyance might have been avoided had I not read books 1 and [...]

    20. Second installment in the series, this one pretty much carrying on from where the first one ended. Quick read, don't have to think too deeply about. I like Kate, the main character; I think if I moved to San Diablo we'd get along just fine. Ms. Kenner makes her very sympathetic dealing with real "mommy" issues, but she's imperfect enough not to put the reader off. Some of the secondary characters felt a bit shortchanged this time around, Cutter, Eddie and Father Ben in particular. And the introd [...]

    21. I felt I waded through this book a bit, Kate's family life just isn't that interesting to me, or rather I should say her daughters swim -boy crush wasn't (which meant I missed a big hint) and neither is second husband's political job. I like her friendship with her neighbor - that's about the only think that feels real to me.I think it really irks something in me that she doesn't have a education or a part time job at least. Demon-hunting could count but not for good pay or something "normal". N [...]

    22. The second book of the series continues the campy and amusing antics of Kate Connor and her hidden life as a demon hunter forced from retirement into a return to active duty, even though her main job is as a wife to a political seeking assistant district attorney and mother to a teen daughter and toddler boy. An initial reviewer of the series commented that the series was Buffy in book form, assuming Buffy aged, got married and raised a family. At least as far as the first two books, that is a p [...]

    23. Another fun demon-hunting book, read by the fabulous Laura Hicks. I love the audio version of these books. Julie Kenner has written dialogue that's performed superbly in a dry, witty, understated fashion. I've gotten lots of wary stares from people I pass on the sidewalk as I'm listening to the book and chuckling to myself.About the plotis one basically picks up where the first book left off. Kate was a demon hunter when she was a teenager and young adult, but eventually she retired in order to [...]

    24. I wanted to rate this "Really Liked It." Why didn't I? I think it's because I wasn't quite satisfied with the answer I most wanted not being provided in a clear "for dummies" fashion. And that may be just my reading of it. Perhaps to another person the answer I was seeking is as clear as can be. This is actually, I believe, the second book in this series, but it's the first I read. I picked it up on a whim while I was waiting at the library to be checked out, and found it quite engaging. Good ac [...]

    25. California Demon is the second in the series of The Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom. Kate Connor is that mom. Balancing a teenage daughter, an active toddler, a husband running for office - and oh, yeah, killing demons that happen to invade her California town! Not to mention the secret part. Didn't I mention that? Only Kate's best friend, her former trainer and her guide (kinda like a Watcher) know her secret. So it's not like she can encourage her husband to pick up the toddler becaus [...]

    26. I thought this was a great second installment in the Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom group. This is a light, funny and memorable addition to the growing world of supernatural books out there. I appreciate the fact that it's not heavy handed on the emo/drama/romance category like so many books out there are today. Not that I don't enjoy those too because I do but sometimes it's nice to just pick up a book that makes me laugh and leaves me feeling refreshed.Kate and her entire family are loveable with en [...]

    27. California DemonThis book is not great literature but it is 100% fun. Julie Kenner was a wonderfully wild imagination and I am so happy she chooses to share it with the world. I enjoyed the second in the Demon Hunter series just as much as the first.Kate Connor, the Demon Hunter Mom, is just your average ordinary mom as far as carpool moms go. She has managed to keep the demon hunting thing secret from all but a select few who are also involved in keeping the minons of hell in their place.The de [...]

    28. I am currently reading California Demon by Julie Kenner. California Demon Julie Kenner Cozy Mystery 342 pages Welcome to San Diablo. The perfect place to raise a couple of kids. And a lot of Hell. What’s a mother to do, when there are only so many hours in the day, and the fate of the world is in her hands? Kate Connor was a retired demon hunter. Now, after fourteen years busting her tail as a suburban housewife, raising two kids, and supporting her husband’s political ambitions, she’s rej [...]

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