Calder Promise The New York Times bestselling author continues her beloved Calder family novels with the sizzling suspenseful story of the vibrant Laura Calder who finds herself wooed by two powerful men and exper

  • Title: Calder Promise
  • Author: Janet Dailey
  • ISBN: 9780821775417
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New York Times bestselling author continues her beloved Calder family novels with the sizzling, suspenseful story of the vibrant Laura Calder, who finds herself wooed by two powerful men and experiencing passion and peril like she s never known before.

    • Unlimited [Christian Book] ✓ Calder Promise - by Janet Dailey ✓
      282 Janet Dailey
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    One thought on “Calder Promise”

    1. This is Laura's story. Laura is the daughter of Jessie and not a thing like her mother. She is touring Europe with her spoiled 'Aunt' Tara when she encounters two men: Boone Rutledge, son of a wealthy Texas cattle baron and Sebastian Dunshill, Earl of Crawford. Laura flits around Europe and eventually home with these two men dangling after her like puppies in need of a drink. There is even a scene where Laura dives naked into the Trevi fountain in Rome. Improbable!!This is not a bad series but n [...]

    2. Not exactly a really good plot. She is so like her father, Ty. The book is too much Laura and her plotting and sceaming that she and Tara do it makes me discussed. Why does Logan have to die? Why not Tara who is always sticking her nose in and making Jesey irritated. I would have liked Jesey to have a stronger part in Laura's life. Well I'm not the writer.

    3. I thot the previous book was bad but this is a marked step down from even the previous book. Trying to finish it but i doubt ill manage may just skip to the next in the series to see if its any better. The characters seems rather shalow to me and i really dont understand why tara is being carried forward here she was never an impressive character to begin with as far as depth goes.

    4. Beach escapism, totally unrealistic, no surprise how it ends, missed the peril promised on the back cover since it was so obviously contrived by the author. Fun sex

    5. The series contines this books in talking about the calder Family. the 21-year-old granddaughter of crusty Montana millionaire Chase Calder. The young woman is fresh out of college and making the obligatory rich-kid tour of Europe before she settles down to a life of, well, she's not sure. In the meantime, life is good. She's traveling with her "aunt" (really daddy's first wife) Tara and meeting lots of interesting people. Most notable among her new acquaintances are Boone Rutledge, the son of a [...]

    6. Fluff, fluff, fluff. This is the (?) book in the Calder series. I don’t know why I continue to read them. They aren’t really my style. I guess it is because I started the first one way back in high school and for some reason I just feel obligated. It has a premarital relationship in it and some language.

    7. just when i was singing this series' praises she goes and gets Harlequiny on me!!!!! almost entire bk predictable from the beginning girl meets two boys and you know who'll she'll chose even though she thinks otherwise- not much meat in this story, hope the next one isn't like this!!! only redeeming factor and why it got 3 stars it had some of the Calder story I love so well

    8. Had a hard time with liking the main characters as Laura and Tara on world tour reminds me of Nicole Ritchie traveling with a forty year old Paris Hitlon. ickbut I always like a Calder novel I am a sucker. 3.5 stars. I prefer the old fashioned love of the early generations.

    9. So far so good, as far as romance novels go. Pretty good storyline and an easy read she has me wondering how it is all going to endon pg 150 something Ended with more story to be told. It does tempt me to find the next book in the series to read that as well.

    10. Started reading this series in the 80's. I think the last one was published just a couple of years ago. I've enjoyed them all, especially the early ones set in the old west. The newer one's are contemporary. It follows a large ranch owning family through the generations.

    11. This was my least favorite of all the Calder books. I never liked Tara and she cloned Laura, her neice to be just like her. hey not too bad for as much as I've loved the other books!

    12. Awesome readGreat book. Exciting. I didn't want to put it down. Can't wait to read the next one of Janet Daileys books.

    13. Overall, this was a good book. But, it took me about 3/4 of the way through to really get interested in the characters. Then, it became an easy read but dragged for me until that point.

    14. Book was only okay but I really disliked the reader Kate Flemming, her manner of reading the men's voices was terribly irritating to me.

    15. I really enjoyed reading this book, but for me nothing beats This Calder Sky which I read three times and still couldn't get over it.

    16. I liked this book alright. I'm a bit disappointed I read that book first knowing now that there are several others before it. I am glad that Laura ended up with Sebastian!

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