A Game of Sorrows It is and Alexander Seaton s happily settled life as a university teacher in Aberdeen is shattered by the arrival in town of a stranger who looks like his twin and who carries a plea for help fr

  • Title: A Game of Sorrows
  • Author: Shona MacLean
  • ISBN: 9781849161657
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1628, and Alexander Seaton s happily settled life as a university teacher in Aberdeen is shattered by the arrival in town of a stranger who looks like his twin and who carries a plea for help from Alexander s dead mother s family in Ireland The family has been placed under a poet s curse, threatening death to various members Elements of the curse have already begunIt is 1628, and Alexander Seaton s happily settled life as a university teacher in Aberdeen is shattered by the arrival in town of a stranger who looks like his twin and who carries a plea for help from Alexander s dead mother s family in Ireland The family has been placed under a poet s curse, threatening death to various members Elements of the curse have already begun to play out Reluctantly answering the call, Alexander leaves his home and his beloved Sarah and travels to Ulster, to find himself among a family torn apart by secrets and long buried resentments In the course of seeking out the author of the curse, Alexander becomes deeply entangled in a conflict that involves fugitive priests, displaced poets, rebellious plotters and agents of the king Confronted by murder within his family, he finds the lines between superstition and faith, duty and loyalty are becoming increasingly blurred, while his Scottish homeland grows ever remote.

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    One thought on “A Game of Sorrows”

    1. The atmosphere created made me feel like I was right there standing next to the characteres, seeing what they laid eyes on, smelling what they smell (which isn't always pleasant given the setting), listening to the different voices and languages - I really enjoyed it. Especially since it brought a period of history to my attention I did not know so much about and I'm much looking forward to learn more now.

    2. First Sentence: The bride’s grandmother smiled: she could feel the discomfort of the groom’s family and it pleased her well.It is disconcerting enough to be accused of less-then reputable actions you know you did not commit, but even more so when confronted by a man who could be your twin. Alexander Seaton, a reputable teacher at Marischal College in Aberdeen, has never known any family beyond his now-dead parents until now. Near-twin cousin Sean O’Neill is about to change all that with an [...]

    3. Oh dear. I read the first book - the Redemption of Alexander Seaton and found it mildly interesting, but not enthralling. And then read the blurb for the second. Ireland in 1628 - and by co-incidence, was studying the same period at uni. Events leading up to the 1641 uprising. So - lulled by MacLean's academic credentials, thought it might be a little light relief from my academic studies. And what a disappointment. OK - I had no problems with the historical background. So what was left was a to [...]

    4. Audiobook read by David Monteith.Second book of a trilogy about Alexander Seaton.In this book Alexander goes to Ulster to help his mother's family. His grandmother fears the threat of a curse, caused by her own marriage and then her daughters' marriages which seem a betrayal of the Irish. A vicious woman who is tied up in her Irish roots, she will do anything to promote the cause.This period with English Planters brought over to colonise Ulster is a little known period, and explains much of the [...]

    5. Beautiful book. It is a bit long and I do understand the criticism of some readers you loose track of all the names and characters, the longness of some story parts, but what wins is the beauty of the story, the atmosphere created, the interesting history, the poetic language, so I really enjoyed this story, although halfway though I also lost interest a bit for a moment. The last part say 150 pages when I could only read a few pages almost every day I really enjoyed. Knowing the book was waitin [...]

    6. Only reading this to humour a friend why do I do this. Rubbish, mostly.EDIT: I did make it to the end, and added an extra star for a (ridiculous) story that kind of held my attention, and some pretty decent history behind it. But as a novel or mystery, pfft.

    7. Excellent book following The Redemption of Alexander Seaton. It continues in very much the same way with a different plot following Alexander's family in Ireland. Very well written and I really liked the historical detail. The plot I found exactly the right balance between exciting action and description and the book was the perfect length. Congratulations to the author. I am away to start the third in the series

    8. I have to admit: I needed to stop reading this book. I bought it as a translation (German), so I can only write my review about that one, but I think my words can probably also be applied to the English original.To start off: I am someone who starts and ends books as they come, since I always find at least one interesting point in the story of a book, or character, that just keeps me going, so that I at least have a small urge to finish the book to see how everything turned out. I normally do no [...]

    9. Several reviewers have given this book poor ratings, saying, among other criticisms, that the plot was convoluted, implausible, etc but it struck me that life in Northern Ireland in the early 1600s amidst the clashing of cultures, language and religion in continual struggles for power and survival with so many undoubtedly finding themselves caught somewhere between warring sides no matter what their personal beliefs, needs, history, loss or gain or royal mandate, was just this convoluted and imp [...]

    10. In this second book in the Alexander Seaton series, A Game of Sorrows; Alexander has become a teacher at the University in Aberdeen. Two years have elapsed and he is happy in his new profession, and in love with Sarah whom we met in the first book. He is about to declare himself to her, when rumors about him make it to Sarah's ears. He was seen the night before drinking and gambling and chasing women the town's women are scandalized. He swears that this is not true to his friend William who is S [...]

    11. I loved the first book "The Redemption of Alexander Seaton", a real page-turner, and expected this one to provoke a similar effect. It sort of did, but not for the first 100 pages. It's obvious that Shona MacLean knows her subject well, however I have always believed that part of an author's skill is knowing what not to include and sadly, the first 100 pages was full of awkward info dumps. Keep going though, because when the story starts to take off it becomes a gripping tale of political intrig [...]

    12. I strongly advise you to read Shona MacLean's books if you get the chance! 'A Game of Sorrows' is the second historical mystery written by Shona MacLean that follows on from her first novel 'The Redemption of Alexander Seaton'.This historical thriller is very well researched and sweeps Alexander Seaton from Aberdeen in Scotland right back to family roots in Ulster and to family feuds that he may have wished he had never had to know about. Set in the 17th century the story unfolds about family cl [...]

    13. I only read this book because the author has a PhD from Aberdeen University in Scottish History (specialising in 16th & 17th century) and also researched for the book in Queens University, Belfast.The story covers much of Northern Ireland and is centred around Carrickfergus.Now that I have been living in Aberdeen for many years, born in Belfast and brought up near Carrickfergus, where I briefly taught Maths and Engineering, I was interested to look back a few centuries regarding life in Ulst [...]

    14. I thought the first book in the series was boring. When I told the person who recommended it to me that I HATED the setting, he assured me that the setting changed in the second book. I should have asked him if it got any better. It didn't. To make a painfully long story short, because Alexander Seaton's mother eloped with his father, she was estranged from her family. The nasty, self-centered, vindictive, manipulative matriarch of his mother's family gets her mitts on Alexander Seaton and he sp [...]

    15. This book is fantastic. The Redemtion of Alexander Seaton was excellent and this sequel is even better. I studied 17th century Irish history long ago and a little understanding of the period only added to my enjoyment of the book. Some lovely characters and some seriously nasty ones. I hated to put this book down.Very highly recommended!

    16. Lots more travel and action in this book. Story focuses on distant past (Seaton's) and the present and it's personal this time. The Irish don't come out looking very well in this book, but then neither do the British. But that's the way the situation is -- some people on each side are bad apples that make the situation worse.

    17. I wasn't so gripped by this second book in the series as I was by the first and third books. More of an adventure tale than a murder mystery though there are murders in it. Quite a lot of them. But by about half way through I did realise that I was intrigued and I would be carrying on to the end. l also realised how little I know about the 17th century history of Ulster.

    18. I think it was probably well researched but not a period or a place of which I know anymore than the basics. I maybe should have read the first one first but hey ho I haven't. It is definitely worth a read and I may have underrated it. Some of her characters lacked reality or substance.

    19. It was actually more use for my essay than all the monographs I've been reading lately - I shall have to skim this again and take notes next time

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