All Our Worldly Goods In haunting ways this gorgeous novel prefigures Ir ne N mirovsky s masterpiece Suite Fran aise Set in France between and and first published in France in five years after the author s

  • Title: All Our Worldly Goods
  • Author: Irène Némirovsky
  • ISBN: 9780307743299
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • In haunting ways, this gorgeous novel prefigures Ir ne N mirovsky s masterpiece Suite Fran aise Set in France between 1910 and 1940 and first published in France in 1947, five years after the author s death, All Our Worldly Goods is a gripping story of war, family life and star crossed lovers Pierre and Agnes marry for love against the wishes of his parents and his grandIn haunting ways, this gorgeous novel prefigures Ir ne N mirovsky s masterpiece Suite Fran aise Set in France between 1910 and 1940 and first published in France in 1947, five years after the author s death, All Our Worldly Goods is a gripping story of war, family life and star crossed lovers Pierre and Agnes marry for love against the wishes of his parents and his grandfather, the tyrannical family patriarch Their marriage provokes a family feud that cascades down the generations This brilliant novel is full of drama, heartbreak, and the telling observations that have made N mirovsky s work so beloved and admired.

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    One thought on “All Our Worldly Goods”

    1. Another great novel by Nemirovsky --- my fourth or fifth. The time period of this novels covers a bit of World War I, then the years between the wars, and then World War II. (So many wars!) So in a sense it is partly a prequel to her great novel Suite Francaise but also a continuation of it. It is set in the same village outside of Paris as was Suite. Surely she is one of the absolute best writers about war – not in the sense of the ‘front’ – there are no battle scenes – but in terms o [...]

    2. Sinceramente, no sé qué le ha faltado para que no le dé las cinco estrellas. Es una delicia. Me ha encantado el estilo narrativo de la escritora, ese describir con pocas palabras el amor y el sufrimiento; el miedo y el horror de la guerra.

    3. I give away the ending. Read this review anyway.All Our Worldly Goods feels contemporary and Tolstoyesque all at once. The characters are sketched rather than painted in oil, and the humor is gorgeous and easily missed if you read too quickly. For instance:Sitting comfortably, without her corset, her arms and legs bare and relaxed, out in the fresh air, in the sunshine, she felt extremely peaceful; she felt happy, as if she had everything she could wish for. She had a husband she loved, the best [...]

    4. This is a sweet, sad, nostalgic, and unexpectedly uplifting tale of love in the turmoil of the two world wars. It put me a lot in the mind of William Trevor’s Fools of Fortune – although this book was, I think, significantly less tragic, it shares a lot of the same themes of families that seemingly can’t help but be entangled by births, marriages, and deaths, and of people – particularly young people – whose lives are swept up by forces they cannot control. Reading this book, you feel [...]

    5. Un’altra guerra. Non si dovrebbe vedere una cosa simile due volte.Un romanzo maturo della Némirovsky, quasi una prova per la successiva “Suite”, di cui propone e anticipa temi, ambienti, luoghi, atmosfere… Una specie di saga, quella degli Hardelot, che ripercorre la vita e le consuetudini di una borghesia francese di provincia, a cavallo delle due guerre; le generazioni si succedono a Saint-Elme, un piccolissimo paese del Passo di Calais al confine col Belgio, tra amori, difficoltà, sm [...]

    6. After having just recently read and enjoyed Suite Française, I decided to read another one of Irène Némirovsky's books. I can say now that I would love to read any book written by her. I enjoyed All Our Worldly Goods so much that I read it in only two days. It can be read as a prequel of sorts to Suite Française. It's a short read, but lovely and uplifting. I just admire Némirovsky's writing style so much. "All this, in spite of what you might think, is what is truly important. The war will [...]

    7. in lucid and elegant prose that is at once both panoramic and intimate this short work details, through the affairs of one family, the devastation of war.I expect I will write a better review when I have stopped crying

    8. I’ve been a longtime fan of Irene Nemirovsky’s and promised myself to eventually read everything she wrote. This novel was absolutely beautiful as all of her works, with its lyrical mood of France caught up between the two wars and the setting that just comes alive in front of your eyes. Married against their parents’ will, Pierre and Agnes are a perfectly happy couple, but the times, just like the rigid mindset of the ancestral town from which they come, will do seemingly everything possi [...]

    9. La trama snocciola con rigore matematico – in trenta capitoli fin troppo agili – le vicende di due famiglie nel corso della prima metà del Novecento.Ci sono il decoro dei valori borghesi, gli amori contrastati, due guerre mondiali, gli assalti della modernità e del capitalismo.La scrittura scorre facile e limpida e ha di certo una sua forza in particolare nel tratteggiare le inclinazioni umane.Però il libro non lascia né un senso profondo di bellezza né un quadro più ampio che vada olt [...]

    10. Tutto l'amaro e il dolce della terra.Come potevamo noi cantare con il piede straniero sopra il cuore? - si chiedeva Salvatore Quasimodo - ed io non posso fare a meno di pensare che in quegli stessi anni, in esilio in un piccolo paese del sud del Francia dove si era rifugiata con il marito e le due figlie piccole, Irène Némirovsky scriveva I doni della vita, nonostante le leggi razziali le impedissero oramai di pubblicare i suoi romanzi - I doni della vita sarà pubblicato in trenta puntate da [...]

    11. I listened to this on audio last week, read by Eleanor Bron, and I did wonder whether a faster reading of the print book would have felt as bleak as the audio sometimes did. Then again, I had a similar impression from Nemirovsky's Suite Francaise, and that one I read in print.However, in spite of the bleakness, the story is a worthwhile read. I haven't read anything about WWI and WWII from the perspective of a civilian living in or around Paris, so close to the battlefronts and so accustomed to [...]

    12. It's difficult to separate the novel All Our Worldly Goods from the true story of what happened to Irene Nemirovsky. This book is haunting, in large part because I could feel the ghost of the author, looking over my shoulder, begging me to understand.I've read several reviews of this book and it seems that many people felt unsatisfied because they weren't sure how they were supposed to feel, or what lessons they were supposed to take from the story. For me, that was the power of this book. I bel [...]

    13. Having recently read The Mirador, I have to say that Elisabeth Gille, Nemirovsky's daughter, was the better writer of the two. I just don't get the popularity of Irene's fiction. I didn't like Suite Francaise, and I like this one even less. The writing is so dry and stiff. Maybe it's just the translation, but there's no real feeling conveyed by the words on the page. The story felt totally flat to me. I did enjoy Fire in the Blood, her very short work about France between the two world wars, so [...]

    14. I adore Irene Nemirovsky's writing. When I read her books, I feel overwhelming sadness because I know her history, that her voice was stilled too soon. All Our Worldly Goods is just as wonderful as Suite Francaise; the good thing is that it is a 'finished' novel I highly recommend this novel to everyone who loves Irene Nemirovskyd exquisite, perfect, detailed writing. I can think of no writer who is similar to Nemirovsky; she was just so perfect.

    15. Attraverso le vicende della famiglia Hardelot la Némirovsky descrive e racconta la storia della Francia dagli anni precedenti la Prima Guerra Mondiale all' inizio della Seconda. Un affresco della vita di quegli anni, ma anche della Vita in toto ché la speranza che il peggio sia passato, che il futuro sia sereno e che le brutture a noi non possano accadere è di tutti.Un romanzo sull'amore e sulla guerra, sulla Donna in particolare e sul suo rapporto con gli uomini, sull'incoscienza della giove [...]

    16. Tante responsabilità, tante angosce e tante prove: insomma, i doni che la vita ci offre." E responsabilità, angosce e prove percorrono la storia degli Hardelot e con loro si percorrono trent'anni di storia francese, da quelli che precedettero la 1° guerra mondiale a quelli che vedranno (nel momento stesso in cui Némirovsky racconta, ) l'occupazione della Francia da parte dei tedeschi. Un grande romanzo classico suddiviso in 30 capitoli e che si può considerare una sorta di prova generale de [...]

    17. She has real insight into human relationships and emotions and how that effects our decisions and the way we act. Her stories are moving and her characters are so real that you want to fight for them.

    18. An interesting perspective on the war - from the people left behind and the trials they must endure. A story of generations of a rich and privileged family - their loves and losses - experiencing the same heartbreaks and deprivations as the lower classes. A good translation from French.

    19. This is much more precise and concise than Suite Francaise. It made me wonder whether Nemirovsky intended to go back and edit the first two parts of Suite Francaise but never got the chance.

    20. THAT WAS THE MOST STRESSFUL FINAL CHAPTER EVER!!!!I take back everything I said about Pierre being underdeveloped. The real joy of this book is that it spans a period of over 30 years, and the protagonists get their respective moments of heroism in late middle age. Like many of us, Pierre is a bit of a late bloomer. His father, Charles, is so vividly rendered (with his own heartbreaking last moments of bravery) that it's easy, especially in the first half, to feel like Pierre is a slightly less [...]

    21. Review originally posted on my blog : utahmomslife/2011I am completely fascinated with the story of author Irene Nemirovsky. A Jewess, born in Russia at the turn of the twentieth century, Irene's family fled from Russia and resettled in France. Falling in love with France, Irene converted to Catholicism and considered it her home. She became a famous author, writing powerful and successful novels. All of this would not be enough to save her from the Nazis. During World War II, she was arrested a [...]

    22. Gli eventi narrati ne “I doni della vita” coprono il periodo da prima della 1° guerra mondiale fino all’invasione dei tedeschi in Francia negli anni ’40.L’autrice è riuscita a raccontare alcuni grandi eventi della storia tramite gli occhi – e la vita quotidiana – di alcuni abitanti di un villaggio francese.E protagonista di questo romanzo è la vita quotidiana: fatta di sentimenti ricambiati, di gelosie, di litigi, di svaghi e di doveri. Il lettore osserverà i doni che la vita f [...]

    23. Anyone who enjoyed Irene Nemirovsky's Suite Française will surely love All Our Worldly Goods just as much. In both books Nemirovsky's writing is incredibly beautiful and gracefully poignant. Though the original French must be even better, these translations by Sandra Smith are wonderful.Nemirovsky was killed at Auschwitz before she could finish Suite Française, but All Our Worldly Goods is a complete novel. It's set in France from 1911, just before the start of WWI, to 1940, shortly after the [...]

    24. My review, ARCI know this book was originally published in 1947, but it is completely new to American readers. If you loved any of Irène Némirovsky's other books (I've read and loved Suite Francaise and Fire in the Blood) you should also LOVE this beauty of a book.If Ms Némirovsky had survived the war, I imagine she would have become a most powerful writer. Her observations of life and love, especially in times of hardship and distress are very astute and well crafted. I'm sure this also has [...]

    25. "Everyone waited for the war to start the way people wait for death: knowing it is inevitable, asking only for a little more time." (p. 178)"Twice in one lifetime, it was too much. But everyone was bowed beneath the same destiny, and courage was born out of their communal ordeal." (p. 202)Like Nemirovsky's other novels, Fire in the Blood and Suite Francaise, All Our Worldly Goods, is set in France; it covers the period from before WWI through the beginning of WWII, ending on a rather hopeful not [...]

    26. If you can believe it, this surpasses Suite Francais, in my opinion. It is a complete novel, unlike SF, which was never finished, and it is beautifully crafted and written. It follows a small village in France, a couple and two interconnected families from just prior to WWI through to the commencement of WWII, and provides deep insight into the minds, mores and lifestyles of the French bourgouise class at that time. It is a scathing condemnation of the French upper/middle class in many ways, del [...]

    27. Wonderful writing style, a good view into human emotions and behaviors, very quick readbut this book left me wanting more. It spanned several decades (yes, as told in the book description), but I was disappointed when each chapter found the characters in a new year, a new situationbut without necessarily finishing up what had happened in the previous chapter. Too jumpy.For being a tale of love between Agnes & Pierre, I found an in-depth look at these two characters lacking. I felt that there [...]

    28. Suite Francaise is among my top best reads. For those of you who have read it, I definitely recommend All Our Wordly Goods. As is written in the Translator's Note to the Vintage paperback edition, "gether the two books provide a panoramic view of life in France from 1911 to 1940. " All Our Wordly Goods was written before her deportation to Auschwitz and was published in 1947 after her death. Her ability to write about ordinary human lives and her perceptive observations during the beginning of t [...]

    29. I loved this book! A simple tale of love and living. Nothing torrid, nothing shocking. Nothing to keep you on your toes. But it's so well written you don't care or need any of that. This books starts off on the beaches of Normandy in 1910 and takes us all the way to Paris and back, through the Great War and into the beginings of the second world war. I think I loved it because she was writting about things that had either just happened, or were happening. There is no 20 - 20 hindsight, there is [...]

    30. Gives a clearer understanding of the interactions between the classes in Europe and the discomfort that arose when classes distinctions began to break down after WWI. Despite the priviledges of the upper class, the author does a good job of illustrating the frustrations and limitation of the upper class. They fight against change not even understanding how the old ways hold them back. Ms. Nemirovsky's commentary about people's hopes and illusions at the beginning of the war and how those lofty i [...]

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